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The Best Driver for Slicers You’ll Find the Most Helpful (Top 10 Reviews 2020)

Do you think only beginner golfers struggle with slicing the ball? Well, if you’re a beginner, then it’s only natural for you to think that only you have to tackle the slice. But the truth of the matter is that experienced players do it too. This explains why both beginners and advanced golfers are constantly looking for the best driver for slicers.

Screaming “FORE” after watching your golf ball sail out of view more often than a few times means you require adjustable drivers for a slice. Much like the ones I’ve reviewed for you below. And the best part is that the options are not limited. Nor are they cheap in terms of quality or performance.

Top 10 Reviews of the Best Driver for Slicers

MAZEL Men’s Golf Driver#10Regular10.5 degrees
TaylorMade Golf M6 D-Type Driver#9Regular10.5 degrees
Tour Edge Golf Men’s Hot Launch 2 Driver#8Regular10.5 degrees
TaylorMade 2017 M1 Men’s Driver#7Regular10.5 degrees
Cobra Men’s 2018 F-Max Offset Driver#6Regular10.5 degrees
TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s D-Type Driver#5Regular12 degrees
Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Golf Driver#4Regular10.5 degrees
Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Driver#3Stiff10.5 degrees
TaylorMade Men’s R15 460 Driver#2Regular12 degrees
Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver#1 – Editor’s ChoiceStiff9 degrees

#10 MAZEL Men’s Golf Driver – Best alternative to big brands

MAZEL Titanium Golf Driver for Men,Right Handed,460CC (Right, Graphite(Red Black Head), Regular (R), 10.5)


Super-light clubhead ideal for faster swing speed.

Low, back CG to produce straighter drives.

Speed Channel minimizes face thickness to maximize ball speed.


Not a very popular anti-slice driver.

I’m starting the reviews section with my least favorite choice first. But please do not misunderstand me. Just because this one’s my least favorite doesn’t make it a bad or inferior choice. In fact, the MAZEL Men’s Golf Driver is the best alternative to drivers manufactured by giant golfing companies like TaylorMade, Callaway, Cobra, etc.

As for is this the best driver for slicers? I don’t see why not! After all, the club features a low CG. The weighting of the driver is positioned in the back center. And this type of structure removes crown weight. Only to re-position it in the back and low zone of the clubhead. And that means a deep, low CG for creating straighter shots.

Furthermore, the CNC-milled cup face offers a high rebound capacity. And this is more efficient when it comes to providing faster ball speed. Particularly on mis-hits! On top of that, the lightweight clubhead features variable thickness. For reducing driver weight of course. And thus, delivering faster swing speeds.

To top it off, the sweet spot is larger to maximize distance from everywhere on the clubface. Like I told you already, the MAZEL Men’s Golf Driver is not in any way an inferior or bad-performing driver. Just because it’s the #10 option on my list!

#9 TaylorMade Golf M6 D-Type Driver – One of the best draw drivers

TaylorMade Golf M6 D-Type Driver, 10.5 Loft, Right Hand, Regular Flex Shaft: Project X Evenflow Max Carry 45


Aerodynamic shaping boosts clubhead speed and distance.

Clubface curvature delivers straighter shots.

It’s a very forgiving driver.


No major drawbacks.

Did you know that the TaylorMade Golf M6 D-Type Driver is speed-injected? Meaning the driver is specifically engineered for providing maximum forgiveness with the much-needed draw.

Now, before I get into the details and features of this best driver for slicers. Here’s something you should know. This is only the first TaylorMade review on the list. There are many more TaylorMade innovations. So feel free to go through them all. And then decide which TaylorMade driver is the best for eliminating your slice.

As for the M6 D-Type Driver, it’s built with a revolutionary twist clubface. To make even your off-center strikes travel straighter with reduced spin. There’s no denying or downplaying the fact that the driver is the best for anti-slice performance.

The carbon sole is aerodynamic. Meaning, in simple terms, the sole produces discretionary weight. That allows 46 grams to be positioned back and low for lowering CG. And for increasing MOI. That suggests, or rather guarantees, maximum forgiveness with lower spin and higher launch.

But you should buy the TaylorMade Golf M6 D-Type Driver only for its draw-biased structure. As it makes way for a more squared or closed clubface during impact. And that’s all the slice-eliminating effort you can make with your driver.

#8 Tour Edge Golf Men’s Hot Launch 2 Driver – Best budget driver for a slice

Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 Golf Driver (Men's, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular, 10.5 Degree)


The driver has an offset hosel for anti-slicing action.

It’s an extremely forgiving golf club.

Clubface features variable thickness to increase launch speed.


None whatsoever.

Let me make one thing very clear. The Tour Edge Golf Men’s Hot Launch 2 Driver is a relatively less expensive choice. But it’s also not the only budget-friendly anti-slice driver on my list. I will be reviewing another one. So if you happen to not like the current option. Then you can have a look at the other one. However, there’s no chance you won’t like this Tour Edge creation.

The Hot Launch 2 features an offset hosel. This is put in place to bring about all the much-needed slice-fighting or anti-slice control. That means you can produce straighter shots with the driver.

Furthermore, the clubface is deep with variable thickness. So the launch speed gets maximized from several points on that clubface. Isn’t this useful if you’re a beginner or amateur golfer!

Moving on to the practical part of the review. No doubt, the Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch 2 Driver delivers straight drives. And the chances are if you use this on the golf course, then your golfing buddies might end up borrowing it too. The club makes the sport of golf more fun and less challenging once again.

It’s the perfect option for adding distance as well as accuracy. Plus, the driver is plenty forgiving too! All this at such an affordable price you won’t believe it!

#7 TaylorMade 2017 M1 Men’s Driver – Best driver with moveable weightTaylorMade Driver-M1 2017-460 Fuji 10.5 R Golf Driver, Right Hand


Low center of gravity for a better launch.

Improved, longer T-Track to enhance adjustability.


No tool for adjusting weight or headcover included.

Do you think the TaylorMade creation I reviewed before this was the only one manufactured by the brand for slicers? If yes, then you’re wrong. TaylorMade is a golf club manufacturing company that has developed many drivers for the correction of a golf slice. And this one’s not even the last on the list. Meaning there are more TaylorMade options for you.

As for the TaylorMade 2017 M1 Men’s Driver, it’s better at everything. The multi-material body and construction of the club promise distance and forgiveness. Along with complete personalization!

The 6-layered carbon crown with the extra carbon-equipped toe panel means only one thing. That TaylorMade has utilized more carbon for this particular model. To be more specific, 43-percent extra carbon.

The brand has focused more on this multi-material structure for a particular motive. And that is to save weight. So the center of gravity becomes lower to enable a higher launch. And you also get the chance to make the most of the exceptional expanded T-Track of the driver. For better adjustability of course.

But it’s the moveable weight that makes the TaylorMade M1 Driver fit for minimizing slice. In all, it’s a very forgiving club with excellent draw/fade adjustable flexibility.

#6 Cobra Men’s 2018 F-Max Offset Driver – Another budget driver for a slice

Cobra Men's 2018 F-Max Offset Driver Black-Gold, Right Hand, Graphite, 10.5, degrees, Regular


Offset driver good for higher launch and straighter shots.

CG weight is near the heel for activating more forgiveness.

Lightweight shaft ideal for slower swing speeds.


A higher loft would’ve been perfect.

So if you’re looking for the best driver for slicers, especially for the price. Then do consider buying the Cobra Men’s 2018 F-Max Offset Driver. I highly recommend this club to slicers because of its fantastic price. That and the fact that it’s an offset driver.

The ultralight configuration consists of lighter swing weight and shaft. Both of which boost distance and clubhead speed. Perfect for golfers with a slow swing speed if you ask me.

Then comes the forged clubface of the Cobra F-Max Offset Driver. This forged titanium clubface insert adds extra distance and speed. Even if your shot is off-center!

There’s crown alignment as well which makes a huge impact. In the sense that it makes the clubhead the easiest to align during the address. And this, in turn, produces straighter drives off that tee.

Moreover, the center of gravity weight is fixed and positioned backward toward the heel. To activate more forgiving and straighter shots. Along with a higher launch!

But it’s the offset design of the Cobra F-Max that steals all the limelight. As it’s the one feature solely responsible for helping you achieve more accurate, straighter shots. Therefore, minimizing your much-too-frequent golf slices.

You can be on your 15th hole, par 4, and still be able to hit a LONG drive. Expect all your drives to be nothing but straight. And there’s only one force behind this, which is the wonderful offset.

So here the best part about this Cobra innovation. That does not only contribute to producing straighter drives. But also longer ones! So distance improvement is also a part of this very affordable deal.

#5 TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s D-Type Driver – Best driver for better playability from any lieTaylorMade Driver-M2 D-Type 10.5 R Golf Driver, Right Hand


Clubface expansion adds more forgiveness.

More active, deeper Speed Pocket to maximize distance.

It produces straighter, longer drives, thus minimizing slices.


None so far.

It’s not just the “TaylorMade M1 drivers slicers” keyword that ranks high. I have already reviewed this particularly best driver for slicers above. But even the TaylorMade M2 D Type Driver is a very popular choice. And let me tell you why.

The driver features phenomenal Geocoustic engineering. This functionality combines the advanced shaping of the sole with externalized ribs for sound. That implies you get access to the best feel and sound.

The golf club is constructed with a double-tiered sole. So you get to achieve those distances you’ve been craving for so long. And that too with an improvement in playability, no matter the lie.

The carbon composite crown is six-layered. What this structure does is save weight to activate a lower center of gravity. Then there’s TaylorMade’s exclusive Speed Pocket technology. This is to promote more forgiveness and distance. Even on a low-face hit!

If that wasn’t enough, TaylorMade also decided to include Inverted Cone. This makes the sweet spot larger and the clubface faster.

What I also found to be very impressive is the complete craftsmanship of the driver. The use of only the highest quality components. Along with manufacturing repeatability offer consistent performance. Even the professional look of the golf club remains consistent.

The re-positioned back and low CG, advanced sole shaping, and recessed toe panel. Along with carbon composite crown, Speed Pocket, and Inverted Cone. They all combine to bring you the best driver for slicers. And to be honest, that’s the beauty of each and every TaylorMade club I’ve reviewed in this article.

#4 Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Golf Driver – Best offset driver

Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver (Men's, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular)


Offset driver with a square or closed face.

It has a clean and sleek black matte finish.

The club is very consistent in terms of play.


The shaft is shorter than normal.

The Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Golf Driver is a very popular choice. No doubt, it’s the best driver for slicers because of the offset structure. The driver’s offset design allows you to square your golf ball during impact. And a squared clubface at impact means straighter drives. That means goodbye slice.

The visual appeal of the driver is also equally outstanding. The black-colored matte finish of the golf club with the white and green contrast, adds a clean, sleek vibe. But what matters more, obviously, is the offset of the Pinemeadow PGX. Because, ultimately, it’s this particular offset composition of the driver that is going to eliminate those frequent golf slices.

What’s also appealing in terms of features is the huge sweet spot. With a massive sweet zone like this, you get maximum forgiveness. And whether or not you’re a slicer, forgiveness always goes a long way. In real life and on the golf course!

The high-quality components and beautiful matte finish make a great combination here. With a great look comes a great feel. And let me point out so you don’t misunderstand. The clubface of the Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Golf Driver is slightly offset. Meaning, in simple words, the face still makes way for easy alignment.

So keep practicing at the golf course. Take as many lessons as you can to cure your “slice” problem. But do it with this perfectly offset Pinemeadow creation.

#3 Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Driver – One of the most lightweight driversCleveland Golf 2018 Men's HB Driver (Graphite, Right Hand, 10.5, Stiff)


Very lightweight and forgiving.

Drives become longer, straighter, and higher.


Lack of adjustability is disappointing.

If there’s one thing I love about this best driver for slicers, it’s the lightweight and bonded structure of the hosel. This particular feature allows weight repositioning for improving forgiveness and launch. And that matters in golf, whether you’re a slicer or not.

Cleveland’s phenomenal HiBore crown helps you to achieve a deep, low CG position. And when the center of gravity is both low and deep, you get to produce higher launches. Combined with lower-pin trajectory.

On top of that, there’s also the Flex-Fin technology. And what this does is protect for ball speed. For all the shots you hit from both the toe or heel of the golf club.

Moreover, the cup face of the Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Driver further promotes ball speed. No matter the impact location.

Another thing you can make the most of as a slicer or beginner is the larger sweet spot. With a driver like this, you get the wonderful opportunity to actually feel and connect with the impact. While also swinging through!

It’s the best driver to boost distance. At the same time, you can rely on it for improving your slice. The decompression and compression deliver tons of energy. So your golf ball launches faster. Even in the case of a toe or heel mishit. Great contact, good sound, maximum forgiveness, and a low-deep CG. What more could you have asked for, right!

#2 TaylorMade Men’s R15 460 Driver – Best driver for high launch, low spinTaylorMade Men's R15 Driver, Right Hand, Regular, 12-Degree


Low and forward center of gravity to promote low spin.

Lightweight shaft for an easy swing.

Higher, adjustable loft ideal for slicers.


Make sure you get the headcover and adjustment tool.

This is the last TaylorMade innovation that ranks as the best driver for slicers. It’s the TaylorMade Men’s R15 460 Driver. And it’s an ideal choice for golfers struggling to achieve a higher launch but with a lower spin. All thanks to the more forward, lower positioning of the center of gravity.

But what makes it a good anti-slice driver is the moveable weight. The weight of the driver moves toward its heel. So you can close that clubface by 2 degrees. Or open it if you like. But it’s the closed clubface that helps in preventing golf slices.

Furthermore, the TaylorMade R15 Driver is a long one. Due to the clubface being thin. And because of that, you get more recoil during impact. This, in turn, increases distance. What also boosts distance is the higher ball flight created by the low CG.

TaylorMade has included the remarkable loft sleeve to enable maximum adjustability. Then there’s the brand-new system of Front Track. What this does is mimic Speed Pocket technology. Simply by minimizing spin and maximizing the sweet zone.

You get the opportunity to fine-tune the driver. Thanks to the new sliding split weights. Select heel weighting for your draw shots. Or split weighting to activate maximum stability. Or toe weighting for your fade shots. The choice is all yours with TaylorMade!

#1 Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver – Editor’s ChoiceCallaway Golf 2018 Men's Rogue Driver, Right Hand, HZRDUS Yellow, 60G Shaft, Stiff Flex, 10.5 degrees


The Jailbreak effect escalates distance and ball speed.

Triaxial carbon crown for more forgiveness and MOI.

The loft adjusts backspin very well.


Shaft should’ve been flexible and loft higher.

Now is the time for the top pick, which also is the only creation by Callaway I’m reviewing in this post. It’s none other than the famous Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver. With its phenomenal Jailbreak technology. It’s one of the most fitting drivers for slicers because of this particular technology.

Jailbreak here combines with yet another exceptional technology in the form of X-Face VFT. Together, they boost distance and ball speed. I mean this is the ultimate driver for quenching your thirst for more forgiveness and ball speed.

The improved MOI shape offers a larger footprint address. On top of that, the crown surface area, made of carbon composite, is the largest ever. These two excellent features are responsible for increasing forgiveness as well as stability.

The leading-edge, refined geometry, in this case, boosts Callaway’s exclusive Speed Step technology. So you can see get more airflow and head speed.

In my opinion, it’s ultimately the best driver for slicers because it definitely deserves your attention. The new, improved technologies the club is equipped with promote distance, speed, and increased forgiveness. Even the footprint is enlarged for enhancing stability.

And to seal the deal, there’s the aerodynamic clubhead. So you can maximize power to produce the most rewarding drives on the golf course. Without creating a slice of course!

Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Driver for Slicers

The Definition of a Slice and Its Causes


In golfing terms, slicing a shot means the shot begins from the left of the target. Then it curves through the air. That means it finishes toward the right side of your target. Obviously, this is for a right-handed golfer. As for a left-handed player, it starts right of the target. And finishes on the left side.

But sometimes golf slices begin from the right or left to slice further right or left respectively. This is known as push-slice.

As for the causes of a golf slice, let me explain that part properly. Since many amateur golfers misunderstand the logic behind this. A slice, in no way, is caused because of your outward-to-inward swing path. This makes no sense as it would mean that golfers might not be able to correct their slice.

So here’s the actual explanation. The golf ball tends to curve through the air because of the sidespin. The side spinning motion occurs when you strike the golf ball with the clubface. One that isn’t square to your swing path.

So it’s the open clubface that gives rise to a golf slice. That and the sidespin, which increases as the clubface, through impact, becomes more open to your swing path.

On the other hand, if your swing path is outward-to-inward. And if the clubface remains square or closed to the swing path. Then your chances of hitting the golf ball straight left, with no curve, are pretty high.

What Kind of a Golf Driver is the Best for Slicers?


Needless to say, you can’t just go about buying any driver for cutting down your golf slice. Meaning certain factors have to be taken into account for achieving a particular goal. The target here is to square up or close the clubface to your path of the swing. Am I correct? In that case, it’s important to know features that make this possible. Such as the following…

  • Driver with an offset hosel

This is the most useful component when it comes to minimizing a golf slice. An offset design lets the clubface position itself slightly behind the shaft line. And such a structure gives rise to two very beneficial effects for curing golf slices.

The first is that the driver clubface takes an additional few milliseconds to get to the ball relative to the shaft. During this time, your driver’s clubface keeps rotating and ends up less open. In comparison to a driver that doesn’t feature an offset design.

The second effect consists of how the offset composition affects shaft flex. When the driver’s head is placed behind the club shaft, it leads to the tip flexing forward a little more. This happens during the impact. And that, in turn, makes the clubface loft more dynamic. While also giving rise to more clubface rotation. Thus, further reducing the “open” position of the face.

Nearly every best driver is equipped with an offset hosel.

  • The driver that is slightly toed-in


A very simple approach to reducing a golf slice is right here. Just get a driver with a slightly toed-in clubface angle. Meaning the face should sit 1 to 2 degrees closed or squared during setup. Now I know that the approach sounds very simple. However, it’s the fastest way to minimizing a golf slice.

To be completely honest with you, all the other factors aim toward affecting the face angle at the time of your swing. But this particular characteristic is the most effective, any given day.

The only drawback to it is that many golfers do not appreciate the look of a slightly toed-in driver. I’m not denying that it seems unnatural. But you have to pick between a visually appealing driver that hits the ball into the trees. Or a rough-looking best driver for slicers that sends the golf ball straight down the middle.

  • Driver with a higher loft

Does the loft of a driver really contribute to reducing a golf slice? Well, YES! In fact, this is yet another crucial factor here. Let me explain below.

It’s as straightforward as this. A higher loft equals to more backspin. And more backspin equals to a more stable ball flight. Meaning the negative impact of sidespin gets minimized.

But doesn’t a driver with a 12-degree loft compromise distance? Just keep in mind that the additional 2.5 degrees (in comparison to drivers with a 9.5-degree loft) mean your golf ball launches 2.5-degree higher. I know there’s extra backspin to deal with as well. But think of it as collateral damage; to gain something, you’ve got to lose something.

  • Driver with moveable weights

Weight distribution, no doubt, plays a major role when it comes to reducing a golf slice. What moveable weights do is give you the golden opportunity to adjust the center of gravity of your club. This means you can position the weight more toward the heel or toe.

When the greater part of the mass of the best driver for slicers is positioned toward the heel, here’s what happens. The clubface rotates better at the time of the downswing. And as a result of that, the driver squares or closes the face with minimal effort. In comparison to any standard driver of course.

  • Driver with flexible shaft

Here’s a simple question. What shaft flex causes the clubface of a driver to close or square up? The answer is a flexible shaft. That’s because flexibility here causes a higher lead deflection. And this, in turn, closes the face during impact.

But you should understand and accept the fact that not every best driver for slicers features a flexible shaft. So just make sure it isn’t too stiff.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does a golf slice happen with drivers but not irons?


If you think that your golf swing is different from drivers and irons. Then this is only a common mistake. Many amateur golfers and beginners feel that their golf swing isn’t the same in both scenarios. But that’s not true.

Irons feature a higher loft. This implies more backspin with a greater launch angle. Both of these factors suggest that any possible sidespin will have a minimal effect on the shape of your shot. Go ahead and hit a slice of 30 yards with a pitching wedge if you don’t trust me.

So you should know that backspin and loft are essential factors when it comes to minimizing a slice.

If you’re really struggling with your driver slices. Then pay attention to the loft of that golf club. Is it below 10 degrees? If yes, then go higher. A 12-degree or 10.5-degree loft is more fitting. And that’s because the extra loft helps in keeping those drives you make much straighter. Even though it might compromise your distance by 3 to 5 yards.

2. Where in my golf swing lies the cause of the slice?


Like I have already explained, it’s not anything about your swing that is causing those slices. Rather it’s the open position of the clubface during impact. That’s your true enemy in this case.

With that in place, you might have to correct your path of the swing. And many golfers are able to do that simply by gripping the golf club properly.

The Wrap-Up

So to sum it up, what is the best driver for slicers? Or the best anti-slice driver? It’s one with an offset design and a higher loft (10.5 degrees or higher). The driver also features a flexible shaft and is 1 to 2 degrees toed-in or closed. It should also have extra heel mass as well. Much like my top pick, which is the Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver.

With that in place, don’t underestimate the power of correcting your game. Getting the right kind of equipment only gets you halfway there. The other half depends on your golfing abilities and skills.

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