Best Driver for Woman Golfer

What is the Best Driver for Woman Golfer? (Top 10 Reviews 2020)

Tired of using hand-me-downs? You need to progress in golf as an experienced and beginner player. And one of the ways to do that is to use the best driver for woman golfers. But what’s so different about a driver for women and a driver for men. To be fair, there’s not a significant difference.

But to use something that specifically designed to maximize your skills. Why would you back away? If you happen to buy the best driver for woman golfers. This does not directly mean that you’re a world-class woman golfer. Equipment means practice which means perfection.

So practice with a sturdy and durable driver. And watch results that help you grow as a professional golfer.

Top 10 Reviews of the Best Driver for Woman Golfers

TaylorMade Women’s R15 Driver#10Graphite14 degrees
Polara Golf Driver#912 degrees
Cobra Women’s Fly-Z XL Golf Hybrid#8Graphite25 degrees
Callaway Golf 2018 Women’s Rogue Driver#7Quaranta, 40G10.5 degrees
TaylorMade Women’s RBZ Driver#6Adjustable
TaylorMade Women’s M2 Driver#5Graphite12 degrees
Cobra Women’s KING F6 Driver#4GraphiteAdjustable
Callaway Golf Big Bertha Fusion Driver#3Graphite13.5 degrees
TaylorMade 2018 Women’s KaleaUltralite Driver#2Graphite12 degrees
Cobra Women’s 2018 F-Max Offset Driver#1 – Editor’s ChoiceGraphite15 degrees

#10 TaylorMade Women’s R15 Driver

TaylorMade Women's R15 Driver, Right Hand, Ladies Flex, 14-Degree


Speed Pocket technology increases the sweet spot.

The driver comes with high-quality Fujikura grips.


None so far.

How is the TaylorMade R15 Driver the best driver for woman golfers? It ranks as one of the best because of its female golfer-friendly features. For starters, the golf club is equipped with the brand’s exclusive Speed Pocket technology. In simple words, this has a highly-forgiving driver head. One that even reduces spin!

TaylorMade also thought it would benefit women golfers if they added a 4-degree sleeve for the loft. Along with split sliding weights! Both characteristics make room for fine-tuning the weight of the driver based on your swing. And they also minimize the scope of your every imperfection on the golf course.

If there’s one other thing the R15 is very popular for, it’s the low, forward CG (center of gravity). With that, you get a higher launch and less spin. There’s simply no downplaying the fact that this TaylorMade innovation’s aerodynamic head, shaft, and grip are all structured for female golfers. Including beginners and the more experienced players!

#9 Polara Golf Driver – Best driver with a large sweet spot

Polara Golf Driver, 12-Degree, Ladies Flex, 44.5-Inch


It’s a super-fast and super-light driver.

Ball flight is high and long.


If you don’t slice the golf ball, this might take a while to get used to.

Are you a female golfer who strikes the golf ball around 180-220 yards? If yes, then you would totally benefit from the Polara Golf Driver. The club is designed with a massive sweet spot. Meaning you get fewer mishits. And also more consistency and accuracy.

The over-sized 475cc head of this best driver for woman golfers naturally adds more forgiveness to your every shot. And that not only minimizes mishits. But it also delivers consistent accuracy. And this goes a long way on the golf course, doesn’t it?

Moving on, the clubface is made of ultra-thin beta-titanium. No doubt, the feature is more resilient, stronger, and lighter. In comparison to other conventional titanium drivers out there! So this Polara Golf Driver is hard-hitting and robust. The grip size, length, and shaft flex of the club are all tailored to meet the demands of female golfers. No two ways about that!

#8 Cobra Women’s Fly-Z XL Golf Hybrid – Best budget-friendly driver

Cobra Women's Fly-Z XL Golf Hybrid, Right Hand, Graphite, Ladies, 25-Degree


The low, back CG incorporates forgiveness.

It allows flexibility on fairway shots.


None whatsoever.

This is the first of the many Cobra creations that I’m going to review in this post. But the Fly-Z XL Golf Hybrid is one of the very few affordable drivers out there. It features a well-engineered trench all around the clubface perimeter. What this trench does is thin the driver’s wall structure around that perimeter zone for increasing speed.

But it’s the exceptional offset design of this Cobra marvel that female golfers might find the most useful. The offset structure of the club helps in squaring the clubface much more easily during impact.

Furthermore, the brand also thought it wise to include Zone Weighting technology. This particular feature eliminates crown weight. In fact, it repositions it back and low in the clubhead. And that provides you with a neat and clean low, deep center of gravity.

Needless to say, this Cobra model gives you easy distance and lots of forgiveness. And you don’t even have to spend big bucks to achieve that. It’s the most reliable option among the best ladies Cobra driver reviews.

#7 Callaway Golf 2018 Women’s Rogue Driver – Best driver with advanced technology

Callaway Golf 2018 Women's Rogue Driver, Right Hand, Quaranta, 40G Shaft, Ladies Flex, 10.5 degrees


The driver’s Jailbreak effect boosts ball speed.

Clubhead flexibility is good for beginners too.


Not for those used to playing with heavier clubs.

Without the shadow of a doubt, the Callaway Rogue Driver increases ball speed. Thanks to the brand’s exclusively innovative Jailbreak technology. Along with X-Face VFT technology as well. The power of these two boosts ball speed, thus maximizing distance.

Golfers, women or men, are always hungry for more speed. Even more, forgiveness is what they demand. And that’s what you get with this phenomenal Callaway creation.

The driver features the largest carbon composite material crown surface area. With an improved, high MOI (motion of impact) structure. And a greater address footprint. All combine to increase stability and forgiveness.

The redefined geometry of the golf club is responsible for bringing into action better airflow. And also contributing to the increased head speed.

The feature that seals the deal is the premium Callaway shaft the driver comes with. So, no doubt, your hands are gripping the ultimate golfing weapon for long-distance, forgiving shots.

#6 TaylorMade Women’s RBZ Driver – Best driver for trajectory control

TaylorMade Women's RBZ Driver, Black, Right Hand, Ladies Flex, High Launch


Speed Pocket technology included is tour-proven.

Loft adjustability is easy and convenient.


No drastic drawbacks.

This is TaylorMade’s second review so far. This one’s the RBZ driver specifically crafted for female golfers. And it’s the best driver for woman golfers because of not one but many features. Let me elaborate.

The Ultralite titanium material core of the club has a strategically structured mass. That gives you complete control over the trajectory and higher launch. Then the driver is also equipped with a 460cc large titanium head. This comes with an adjustable sleeve for loft by the way. In simple words, an optimized trajectory and launch are in the cards.

Then let me not forget to rave about the premium quality matrix shaft. What this does is provides a smooth feel and maximizes distance. The legendary TaylorMade Speed Pocket technology is also included for a combination of low spin and high launch. This too helps in maximizing distance.

Now you understand why this is the best driver for woman golfers. To top it off, the satin black finish and elegant detailing improve alignment. So everything is set in place to make golfing both easy and fun.

#5 TaylorMade Women’s M2 Driver – Another best driver for forgiveness

TaylorMade Women's M2 Driver (Women's, Right, Ladies, High Launch, 12 Degree)


The driver features a massive sweet zone.

Loft adjustability is included.


The clubhead is slightly heavy.

The reviews of the best women’s drivers 2020 have often also included the TaylorMade M2 Driver. It’s a golf club the most suitable for skilled female golfers. Let me make that very clear. But you know it’s a good choice for every kind of a woman golfer when there’s enough forgiveness included.

The exceptional Geocoustic shaping of the driver is the feature that delivers all the much-needed forgiveness. So even when you don’t strike the golf ball perfectly, you produce decent shots.

I also found the 6-layered carbon crown to also be very helpful. It’s with titanium, and what the thing does is get the golf ball off the ground with tons of ease. While also reducing the driver weight. Then there’s the Speed Pocket technology of TaylorMade that also contributes to providing more forgiveness.

The loft has easy-to-adjust settings. And let me tell you something right away in case I forget to mention. The driver comes with a high-quality Fujikura Reax shaft. So feel free to crush that golf ball off the tee. The club, no doubt, is specifically designed for feeling smooth during your every swing. And that, as you know, goes a long way. Literally!

#4 Cobra Women’s KING F6 Driver – Best driver for forgiveness

Cobra Women's KING F6 Driver (Adjustable Loft)


Engineered trench boosts ball speed for distance.

New, improved forged clubface with a larger sweet spot.


Loft settings are not easy to adjust.

Are you on the lookout for the best driver for woman golfers that delivers nothing but forgiveness? If yes, you’re reading just the review you need. But the good news here is that this KING F6 Driver by Cobra offers not just forgiveness, but a lot more.

There’s no denying that greater forgiveness is a part of the deal here. After all, the back center-of-gravity position of the driver is what comes in handy. It provides a ball flight that’s definitely more towering. And that’s what springs into action the greater forgiveness.

As for the frontal center-of-gravity, it has the ability to produce penetrating golf ball flights. The kind with an increased roll. You might also appreciate the improved forged E9 face of the club. It features variable thickness, which is also hotter, thinner, and lighter. So boosting deflection to increase ball speed is inevitable. And so is a much larger sweet spot.

Loft settings are adjustable just so you know. The upside of that is being able to work with different launch conditions and manage trajectory. This too maximizes distance. No matter the golf course or type of swing!

So if you’re a golfer who wants to buy a driver with a lower or adjustable loft, this one’s it. And it doesn’t compromise your shot distance along the way.

#3 Callaway Golf Big Bertha Fusion Driver – Best driver for skilled women golfers

Callaway Golf Big Bertha Fusion Driver Ladies 10.5 40G (Right Hand, Ladies Flex, Recoil 440, Adjustable Loft)


Driver aerodynamics boost distance and head speed.

It’s a very forgiving golf club.


No tool included for adjusting the settings.

If you’re in the mood for a high-quality driver. One that is ideal for experienced or professional female golfers. Then here’s something you might enjoy. The Callaway Golf Big Bertha Fusion Driver is a club any player would be happy and lucky to own.

In my opinion, the best part about the driver is that it’s available in all kinds of different lofts and materials. So it doesn’t matter what kind of golfer you are. You can buy a golf driver that suits your personal preferences and skills perfectly.

The top features I found to be incredibly useful are right here. The triaxial carbon structure crown equipped with titanium materials. It gets rid of unwanted weight and activates maximum forgiveness. Even when you don’t strike the golf ball as you should, your shots travel straighter and farther.

Then there’s the adjustable loft, which allows you to produce perfect shots. If that wasn’t enough, Callaway added Speed Step technology as well. For making the clubhead aerodynamic. This means you can whip your shots with increased speed.

It’s an extremely lightweight driver, no doubt. So it’s much easier for you to swing and get a greater distance. The lightweight composition also improves the feel of the Big Bertha Fusion. And that too matters, doesn’t it?

#2 TaylorMade 2018 Women’s KaleaUltralite Driver – Best driver for distance

TaylorMade 2018 Women's Kalea Ultralite Driver (Women's, Right Hand, Ladies Flex, 12.0)


The driver adds yards to every shot.

Lightweight for an easier swing.


Expect the paint to chip early.

A part of almost every list of the best women’s golf drivers 2020 is this TaylorMade wonder. The KaleaUltralite Driver for women features Speed Pocket Technology and a ULTRALITE shaft. Both work collectively for increasing ball speed and launch. And that is exactly what gives your golf ball more carry, which means maximum distance.

The driver is outfitted with a loft, length, weight, and overall design that are individually optimized. On top of that, the CG is deep and low. So you don’t end up struggling with getting the golf ball off the ground.

This Kalea driver by TaylorMade is a part of the brand’s best-performing clubs. Those that are specifically engineered for improving launch, carry, feel, and spin for women golfers. And the proof of that, in this particular driver, is the combination of the Ultralite shaft and lightweight club.

#1 Cobra Women’s 2018 F-Max Offset Driver – Editor’s Choice

Cobra Women's 2018 F-Max Offset Driver


Ultra-light construction maximizes drive power.

Offset hosel enables higher ball launch and minimizes spin.


The driver takes a while to get used to.

Finally, it’s time for the top pick on the list. And it’s none other than Cobra’s F-Max Offset Driver. As you already know, I have reviewed quite a few Cobra creations. But this one trumps them all. Especially when it comes to the best driver for women golfers.

In fact, it’s also the perfect answer to this question. What is the best driver for a senior woman? Its offset structure, accuracy, and flexible shaft have the ability to meet all demands. Even if you’re over 70 years old!

The remarkable offset design features an offset hosel. This produces higher launches with an increased draw bias. And that, in turn, creates more accurate, straighter shots.

Moreover, the configuration of this Cobra driver is ultra-light. The thing about lighter shafts as well as swing weights is that they boost clubhead speed. Along with promoting maximum distance. And this is especially useful for those with relatively slower swing speed.

The back CG weight is placed closer to the heel. To activate drives that are straighter and more forgiving. Then comes the crown alignment that makes the task of aligning the driver’s clubhead at contact much easier. So it’s not that difficult to produce straighter off-the-tee shots.

Furthermore, the forged titanium material face insert can create more distance and speed. This applies to even your off-center shots. So you have every reason to love this particular Cobra model. And the many others I’ve reviewed on the list.

Best Driver for Woman Golfers – Buying Guide


The courage to do something or make a new change comes from buying new equipment. A driver sets the tone for speed and distance on the green. How you wield your club does slightly differ from how a man does. Based on that, the best driver for woman golfers is made.

So what does a driver for a woman golfer look and function like?

Critical Features of the Best Driver for Woman Golfers

#1 Lightweight

best womens golf drivers 2019

Drivers with a light head and shaft mean speedier and longer distances. Don’t mistake this feature as a “weakness” in women’s golfing technique. In fact, to take a mean shot, having a light head and shaft is helpful.

You can swing faster in your downswing and expect better results. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to swing strong. With a light clubhead, to go long, you need to hit wisely, not with full power.

Another good reason to opt for lightweight club heads is flexibility. It’s a scientific fact that most women weigh lighter than men. Even if you have more muscle mass or golf training than a man, weight is never subjective.

With a flexible material, women feel more confident. It also results in better consistency in terms of how the material flexes. And that it does in golf to affect energy transfer between the clubhead and ball.

#2 Higher Loft


A higher or lower loft depends on speed (miles per hour). But you don’t have to get into who scored the highest! Male and female golfers can reach 90 mph or higher. The only difference in speed is between an amateur and professional golfer.

So why does a higher loft matter? What matters is better leverage. For your fast swing speed to hit perfectly for reaching a longer distance. You need to make sure the loft matches your personal swing speeds.

The perfect loft for women is between 12 to 16 degrees. This is the average tally. But if you don’t feel confident enough on such a loft, you could always increase it. After all, the transfer of energy to increase distance is also important. And anything below 15 degrees, according to professional female golfers, is not hard enough.

#3 Shaft Length


The shaft length is super important. The average size of a woman golfer is around 40 to 45 inches. And going higher is more in keeping with an experienced golfer. You can’t expect amateur golfers to play with a shaft that’s specifically designed for someone with more skill.

The maximum you can reach as an experienced golfer is 48inches. But if you use that to your disadvantage, it may shatter your game completely. Resulting in less distance each time you hit.

So make sure you maintain a consistent streak with a long driver.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Driver for Woman Golfers


Q1. Which is better; tour or standard driver?

Between the two, tour drivers are for professionals and experienced players. It has nothing to do with gender but rather it’s a matter of skill. If you score highest in ball-striking abilities, you can opt for a tour driver.

If you’re just starting out, you need a forgiving driver. This means more flexibility, more openness, and a better shaft grip. That a standard driver can provide without a shadow of a doubt. Using a tour driver may seem a bit too stiff for beginners.

It may seem fancy to use a tour driver and it is too but only when your skills match up to it. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Q2. Do women need a custom-fit driver?

If you feel yourself lagging behind in terms of skill, don’t fret. No golfer is a perfectionist with every swing. It takes time and lots and lots of practice. However, custom-fit clubs are expensive and limited.

Say your swing is taking your entire confidence down. While there are custom-fit designs that help you improve your swing. But as time passes, you’re bound to get better. So using a club with a shaft length, angle, and grip that’s more suited to improving the swing. Such a golf club does not cater to your personal needs anymore.

And such a club is useless unless you find yourself focusing on the swing again. So, yes, buying a custom-fit driver is possible but not the most valuable and cost-effective choice.


Drivers are expertly-equipped at picking their golfer. But what you’ve got to be good at is choosing the best driver for woman golfers. Like the Cobra Women’s 2018 F-Max Offset Driver.

It’s a great option if you feel the need for a custom-fit build but without paying too much for it. It has the perfect shaft, grip, and length. Exactly like tour-driven drivers for proficient players. If you ever feel the need to switch from old steel, run-down golf irons. You always have these best drivers for women golfers up for grabs.


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