Best Drivers for Beginners and High Handicapper

The Best Drivers for Beginners and High Handicappers You’ll Find the Most Helpful (2020 Reviews)

Buying the best drivers for beginners and high handicappers wasn’t this easy. Now, to match growing needs and personal requirements, you’re in luck. Golf drivers help you meet all your golf expectations. They are necessary for beginners and high handicappers.

Your golf driver should be large, forgiving, and durable. Only then is it the best driver for beginners and high handicappers. An ideal golf driver improves a golf game tremendously. You understand the dynamics of the game and tweak your approach.

All this sounds complicated but golf drivers make it much simpler. So let’s begin.

Top 5 Best Drivers for Beginners – Comparison Table and Reviews

Beginners always need an adjustable and effective driver. Something that fits your budget and your personal comfort zone. Anything extra with complicated features or a stiffer flex would ruin your golf-day-out. That’s why you need this.

Cleveland Golf Classic XL Driver#5GraphiteRegular
Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver#4GraphiteStiff
Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Driver#3GraphiteRegular
Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver#2Carbon CompositeRegular
TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver#1 – Editor’s ChoiceGraphiteRegular

#5 Cleveland Golf Classic XL Driver–Best inexpensive driverCleveland Golf Classic XL Driver (Men's, Right Hand, Graphite, Stiff, 9.0 degree)


It offers a high launch and a high spin.

Lightweight grip with balanced weight.

Lots of customizations for beginners.


It produces a harsh sound on impact.

Just by the looks of it, Cleveland Golf Classic XL Driver is a champ. It has a deep face and with a large sweet spot. It’s not only a deep and large face. But also the sweet spot that makes this one of the best drivers for beginners.

The reason why it’s so popular is that it’s affordable. Combining distance with design, this classic XL Driver has a graphite shaft. It gives beginners the experience of using a deep-face driver.

If you’re a beginner or a novice, you know that’s hard to find.

Though effective and expert in its making, it has multiple size options. It just proves its design and performance are more modern than expected. It offers higher flight, thanks to the solid center of gravity.

This new and improved golf driver doesn’t take away the authentic golf experience. And that is, in a driver, its optimal weight. Between the shaft and grip, there’s a balanced weight transfer. So when you work with, it offers speed through force.

Another important difference between its predecessor is appearance. The visuals of this classic driver feel sleek and reliable. You can adjust the weight, face angle, and shaft. It’s one of the best drivers for beginners we’ve had for their forgiving face. And it hits the right spot.

The takeaway here is the premium Miyazaki shaft. It produces speed and impacts unforgivingly. There’s plenty of room for re-gripping. As if it’s tailor-made for beginners training to become champions.

#4 Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver – Best forgiving driver for BeginnersCobra Men's Fly Z Driver, Stiff, Graphite, Orange, Right Hand


It’s more designed for forgiveness.

It feels and sounds balanced.

The clubhead is big but feels light.


It has too much spin for beginners.

The Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver is equipped with rugged and effective technology. Such as the Speed Channel Face, Crown Zone Weighting, and Forged F9 Zone Face. It’s structured, fast, and durable.

The wall structure of the face is thin but not weak. It feels light in that it promises speedier performance. The Cobra Fly Z Driver offers new trajectories to beginners. It’s something that keeps them on their toes and giving better distance and speed.

If you want something that sticks, no matter how frequently play, go for this. It’s one of the best drivers for beginners on the money. It focuses on achieving distance through speed. It feels sturdy and forgiving too.

The visuals are well-balanced and aesthetically-flattering. For beginners just advancing their practice, the Fly Z-Plus is a sure win. However, for those who need room for flexibility, a more forgiving option is the Fly Z Driver.

So there’s plenty of options for both kinds of golf players. Even though it comes with a big head, it’s lightweight so it impacts the ball easily. You’re going to get a good trajectory while maintaining a long and stable ball flight. Imagine the possibilities with a driver like this.

The performance is explosive if nothing else. If you’re tired of using the same driver for years, this feels like a great change. And a much-needed one too if you want stability and speed.

The Cobra gives you great flexibility to make adjustments as you go along. The Crown Zone is what really makes a striking impression. I can’t stress on this enough – that it’s really forgiving. The low and back head has more weight than the crown of the driver. This is what gives it the forgiving and distance-driven performance.

#3 Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Driver – Best lightweight driver for beginners

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's HB Driver (Graphite, Right Hand, 12.0, Regular)


They hit higher and straighter.

Best choice for senior golf beginners.

Excellent weight, lift, and forgiveness.


It doesn’t hit the ball very far.

The Cleveland Launcher HB Driver is a proud prodigy. It comes out of Cleveland’s exceptional track record. It’s much like the Cobra in that it shifts its weight to the low and back head than the crown. And as a result, it has a more forgiving follow-up.

The Cleveland Launcher HB Series is a simple and classic driver. It has its charm in being so. In fact, for beginners, sometimes less is better. It helps them combine different techniques to find the right fit.

It hits straight and forward but also higher. From the average golf beginner’s standpoint, it hits the right target every time. The crown of the driver is smaller so it has a more modern visual impression.

You can see it forming a silver curved line on the clubhead. The ends on both sides turn towards the toe. Giving the design look modern, open, and interesting. A beginner would notice this design faster than professionals. So the sleek and well-polished design looks appealing.

What also caught my attention was the sole of the crown. It has more flex where you most need it. Not on the top of the crown or at the sides where that kind of energy is wasted. The sole is where the impact is felt the most.

It’s possible to consider this best driver for beginners as subtle yet modern. It offers forgiveness, speed, and stability. So you hit straighter shots without missing any.

#2 Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver – Best advanced driverCallaway Golf 2018 Men's Rogue Driver, Right Hand, Quaranta, 40G Shaft, Regular Flex, 13.5 degrees


Carbon composite crown with enhanced speed.

Better swing speed and airflow.

Better weight and stability on the crown.


It hits straight with slight distance loss.

An industry-leading choice for beginners which, in no way, feels lacking. The Callaway Rogue Driver is the wizard of aerodynamics and speed. Apart from suiting the needs and techniques of beginners. It’s also a great choice for mid- and high-handicappers.

It offers elevated swing speeds without compromising on weight or distance. It is a professional choice with plenty of improvisations. It is forgiving, enhanced, and strong. It works as a replacement which is at least 25% lighter than its predecessor.

You can imagine the charm of a light but sturdy golf drive for beginners. Beginners don’t want stiff and controlled movement. They want to experiment, improve, and then fit their technique. And only the Callaway Rogue which is as serious about golf as your coach is apt.

It has a visually-appealing design. It has an hourglass shape so it maintains stamina and feels weightier. But not in the way that contributes to ruining your swing speed. It’s weightier by design and it is softer in terms of the feel.

The face of the driver has gravitas. This means it’s thin, light, and speedy. It performs much better than it looks. And this statement doesn’t get said so often for golf drivers especially. So you must take something like this seriously to improve your golf game.

#1 TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver – Editor’s Choice (For The Best Beginner Driver)TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black Driver, Black, Right Hand, Regular Flex, 9.5 Degrees



The titanium core and graphite shaft are impressive.

It comes with a free headcover.

The adjustable loft sleeve is for all types of golfers.


The sweet spot on the crown is smaller than usual.

The TaylorMade RBZ Driver is a rare beauty. It has a handsome crown with a rugged core. The Ultralite Titanium wants to bring about a considerable improvement to your skills. This includes tapping into higher trajectories, better launch, and control.

It’s hard to find such accurate drivers at such an affordable price. Not that it’s super inexpensive. But its technique, style, and features compare to high-end drivers. Drivers that are twice as expensive, to clarify. So you can understand why this driver is a catch!

It comes with an adjustable loft. It doesn’t spin causing the distance and launch to suffer. It’s the perfect combination of strategic trajectory with style. So you’ve got nothing to worry about.

TaylorMade is a praise-worthy brand. Everything under its name is nothing short of extraordinary. So why wouldn’t you buy this best driver for beginners? It’s well-built, powerful, and consistent. It’s still affordable to buy for a beginner looking for superiority.

One last thing though, the grip size adheres to common grip sizes. While this may be as ordinary as TaylorMade gets. The grip is fitting to the average golfer’s standards. Even the free headcover, which is a relief for many, fits well and is long-lasting.

It’s more than just a high-launching, affordable golf driver. It’s the whole package!


Top 5 Best Drivers for High Handicappers – Comparison Table and Reviews

High handicappers, you no longer need to settle on average. If you’re tired of using the old driver, you can upgrade to any one of the following options. The golf market is thriving and pulsating with so many endless choices. It’s about time you use a driver that suits you.

Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 Driver#5Graphite/Kevlar/CarbonRegular
Cobra 2018 Golf Men’s King F8 Driver#4Carbon FiberRegular
Intech Golf Illegal Behemoth Driver#3GraphiteRegular
PGX Offset Driver#2Graphite
TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Driver#1 – Editor’s ChoiceGraphiteRegular

#5 Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 Driver – Best sophisticated driver

Wilson Staff Golf Men's D7 Driver


Classic, forgiving, and simple performance.

Not too complicated for beginners.

The woven carbon helps delivers a smooth impact.


Not the best choice for far distances.

With adjustable loft sleeve and left and right-hand orientation. The Wilson Staff D7 Driver is a favorite. It comes with many perks such as faster speed, long-distance, and simple construction.

It uses a Kevlar material that is stronger and supportive. It combines carbon fiber to neutralize after high impact. So the final result is an amazingly light and balanced feeling.

The verdict for this is that it’s super dependable for high handicappers. In fact, it’s one of the best drivers for high handicappers. It’s sort of lighter in weight than the standard golf driver. But here, lightweight doesn’t mean delicate. It just means faster speeds and stability.

Thanks to the carbon boost, the Kevlar composite performs really well. The head is easier to control, so is the distance, and no vibration. So you benefit more like a high handicapper. As this best golf driver makes up for all your weaknesses.

You won’t believe such exceptional performance from such an ordinary-looking driver. But it’s there whether you believe in it or not.

The Wilson Staff takes away all the guesswork. It hits the ball at a higher speed so far off distances feel realistic. The weight in the midsole and back and low feel well-balanced. The heel, too, offers flex and stability which most high handicappers require.

#5 Cobra 2018 Golf Men’s King F8 Driver – Best low-impact driver for High Handicappers

Cobra F8 Driver 460cc 2018 Right Adjustable MRC Tensei CK Blue 50 Graphite Regular Nardo


The sole is titanium which is stronger.

Lightweight raised polymer section.

The 360 Aero Tips are optimized.


You might face slices or cuts in your golf ball.

Where failure ends, the Cobra King F8 Driver begins. It’s one of the sturdiest and best drivers for high handicappers. It offers a great chance for high handicappers to ace their performance. It’s forgiving, for sure, but offers excellent impact.

If you want to reach piercing golf flights and you couldn’t with your previous driver. The Cobra King F8 Driver is more specific to achieving such results. It’s not easy but practice with it and you’ll notice a huge difference.

It has a lightweight body and a dual roll technology. This technology controls everything that could possibly go wrong with the driver. Instead, it promises better launches, less spin, and better-shot outcome.

The thickness is slightly different than the usual drivers. Mainly because Cobra has a reputation of providing ease of use. But with slightly nuanced designs. And this driver is one of them. It has more than a curved effect. It’s horizontal when it needs to be. It’s vertical and more defined.

As a result, with experience, this driver gains superiority. With regards to tolerating every skill of a high handicapper. Truth be told, not many best drivers for beginners and high handicappers can do this.

The Milled Face feature has more to offer than you think. The face is lighter by a whisper and thinner too. But it’s more lightweight than it is thin. So you’ve got nothing to worry about.

The pattern on the crown is unique and attractive. It makes the Cobra look stylish without giving anything away. The main circular pattern is where its impact is most felt. And so the curvature at top and bottom creates a better structure.

Probably that’s why carbon fiber is so coveted in today’s market. It’s strong, has less vibration, and offers better airflow. So you’re not missing out on any big function as a high handicapper.

#3 Intech Golf Illegal Behemoth Driver – Best non-conforming driverIntech Golf Illegal Non-Conforming Extra Long Distance Oversized Behemoth 520cc Driver


It comes with a headcover.

The sweet spot improves forgiveness.

You can choose between stiff or regular flex.


It’s not a tournament-friendly golf driver.

The clubhead may feel too big for beginners.

The Intech Behemoth Driver does more than you think it does. It has the largest and most profound crown heads on the market. This supersized construction exceeds even the maximum size of the USGA.

But does that mean it’s too overpowering for high handicappers? Not at all. Because high handicappers thrive on such exceptional deliverance. Anything with a high MOI design is a godsend. It only means better stability, forgiveness, and speed.

The Intech Behemoth Driver comes with a lightweight graphite shaft. The crown head is more defined and balanced than normal drivers. And its selling point is that it gives you more room for recovery. And no excuse for lousy shots.

As smooth as this driver is, don’t buy it if you don’t give importance to stamina. In that sense, this is one of those best drivers for high handicappers that will defeat you. Its consistency and accuracy are worth considering.

The driver hits straight and high. The regular flex may not boost distance but the stiff flex might. It lets high handicappers evaluate their strengths against their weaknesses. So it’s smooth, steady, and quite performance-driven.

#2 PGX Offset Driver – Best efficient and light driver

PGX Offset Driver (Ladies, Right Hand, Graphite, Ladies Flex)


The sweet spot is large and well-defined.

Lightweight driver with better weight distribution.


The length of the driver is short.

The PGX Offset Driver is one-of-a-kind. High handicappers know the misery that comes from using a driver that’s not meant for them. But using the PGX Offset Driver erases such anguish away.

The PGX is Pinemeadow’s creation. It’s a graphite, right-hand golf driver for every skill level. The flex level is “Ladies.” It’s lightweight, sturdy, and smooth.

The finish and texture of this driver give it a sleek and modern look. The feel of it is so spectacular in that it’s reactive. It helps the golf ball square without tormenting it. This means no slices or cuts in your golf ball after using it.

The sweet spot in this driver is commendable. It ensures smooth and balanced performance. The weight is less than 200g which keeps it on par. It has a better grip, better definition, and smoother impact.

The loft sleeve isn’t adjustable but it’s at a good angle. Perfect for high handicappers to take full advantage of. It has a headcover which fits comfortably and is not cheap. It’s one of the best drivers for high handicappers. The price, offset technology, flex, and design – they’re amazing.

#1 TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Driver – Editor’s Choice (Best Drivers for High Handicappers)

TaylorMade Men's AeroBurner Driver


A lightweight but strong core with speed grip.

Adjustable loft sleeves and flex.

The metallic matte white finish looks amazing.


It’s bad for distance but good for high launches.

Some high handicappers may find it too lightweight.

The TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver is an advanced driver for high handicappers. It’s not kidding about improving your performance. It has a unique club design that ensures better swings. The aerodynamic shape and matte finish prove its competence.

The driver, on the whole, is amazing to look at. Its graphics are original and unique. And does well to match the performance level of the driver. With a graphite shaft, it has a sturdier grip and smoothness. The finishing is also worth mentioning in reference to it.

The TM Speed Grip plays a critical role in combining power with speed. So you can elevate your performance to longer swing speeds. The crown which is slightly raised from the center has a round toe. This is different than most drivers and the most competent.

There’s no saying what the Speed Pocket design will do. And by that I mean its deliverance is all positive and drool-worthy. There are better grip and forgiveness to the overall feel of the driver. It doesn’t feel lacking, doesn’t spin, or feels too stiff.

Buying Guide of the Best Driver for Both High Handicappers and Beginners

Whether you’ve bought a driver for beginners and high handicappers before. Reading about how to buy essential golf equipment is important. It tells you what matters and what doesn’t. What can help you improve your game and what can’t?

You’re about to know more about the best golf drivers by the end of this article than now.

Critical Features of a Golf Driver for Beginners and High Handicappers

1. Crown / Club Head


This is the head of the driver. It’s the first thing you look before giving any golf driver your approval. For beginners and high handicappers, what drives their performance home is this. A driver’s head is supposed to be large. Small head sizes offer the least bit of forgiveness.

If you look at the legal head sizes by USGA, choose the higher range. A few picks on this list exceed the size limitation so go figure! But the maximum head size (according to USGA) is 460cc. It’s forgiving, powerful, and speed-driven.

The clubhead has another design consideration. That is the position of the sweet spot. If most of the weight of the clubhead is distributed between the sides, it’s less effective. The best drivers for high handicappers need to be at the center of gravity at the core.

That way, you will be able to connect to the golf ball directly in the middle for far greater launches. Sounds effective now, doesn’t it?

So do you want the best drivers for beginners and the best drivers for high handicappers? Look for drivers with a large clubhead.

2. Material


Titanium and composite alloys are the industry’s go-to choices. There’s not much less to rely upon for beginners and high handicappers. Both these materials have more give which means they’re forgiving. So you’re able to hit the sweet spot more consistently than before.

There are other materials like titanium, stainless steel, and composite alloys. But just to give you a heads up, here’s each.

  • Composite Alloys

Drivers made up of composite alloys fall into the mid-range category. They resemble the quality and performance of titanium. Lightweight, forgiving, and well-balanced.

  • Titanium

Titanium is the premium driver material. It’s also the most expensive out of stainless steel and alloys. What makes it expensive is its build and quality. Superbly lightweight and maximum forgiveness. It’s the dream of every beginner and high handicapper.

Coupled with the large head of a driver, it does well for consistency. You won’t feel too much pressure pushing you down with titanium.

  • Stainless Steel

Being the cheapest out of all three choices, stainless steel has had its dirt. But let’s not forget it’s durable and dependable, nevertheless. Stainless steel may not go as far as titanium. But it gets the job done for beginners. Maybe not for high handicappers.

3. Shaft


The shaft really sets the tone for the best golf drivers. It stands equal with the driver material to influence performance.

There’s only one way to determine the potency of a shaft. And that’s by its material.  

  • Graphite

Graphite shafts are more common than steel. Especially for drivers for beginners and high handicappers. Graphite shafts are lightweight and more flexible. If you’re a high handicapper, you will be able to swing better to aim for higher launches and distance.

There’s a specific reason why graphite shafts are better. When you take a swing, the shaft is flexible enough to tilt or bend just a whisper. This, in golf terms, is known as the whiplash effect. It’s what encourages a higher swing speed when contacting the ball.

And that’s a true mark of the best driver for high handicappers and beginners also. It’s smooth, swift, and effective.

  • Steel

Steel shafts promise to control and precision. They’re heavier than graphite and that being so, they aim for powerful shots. The heaviness of the shaft is what slows beginners and high handicappers.

It’s the best choice for experienced swingers who can handle heavy shafts.

4. Adjustability


Beginners crave adjustability when it’s most important. It permits better flexibility when you can change the aerodynamics of the driver. However, for high handicappers, adjustability is not a matter of concern.

The best drivers for high handicappers can be without loft sleeve or flex adjustment. It’s only beginners who want such adjustability. Finding what suits your skill at achieving better results from consistent practice.

The adjustable loft sleeve for some golfers is essential. It comes in handy when you’ve mastered your handicap. You can compare different distances and hit higher launches with the help of a high loft height.

This brings me to the loft angle. Most modern driver brands offer a host of loft angles. It starts from the heel of a club. And you can adjust the loft angle between 4 to 6 degrees. A driver without an adjustable loft will not be able to make such adjustments. So you buy one that does.

I know what you’re thinking. What is the right loft angle for beginners and high handicappers? Well, the answer is that there is no right answer. It all depends on your technique and skill. But to give you a basic idea, high handicappers benefit from 11 degrees.

Anything below 11-degrees is essential for fast swingers. If you’re a high handicapper still working on that, 9-11 degrees is a better loft angle margin to fall back on.

5. Flex


Best drivers for beginners and high handicappers, flex it can be shaft be. For beginners and high handicappers, flex is either regular or stiff. There are other categories as well such as Ladies, Seniors, Extra Stiff, XS, and so on.

Ladies and Seniors are lighter than Regular for really slow swing speeds. However, there are male golfers who Ladies flex and youngsters who use Seniors flex. It’s not divided by sex or age– only by skill.

If you’re a regular kind of player, your swing speed must be between 85 to 95 mph. This is the ideal formula for beginners and high handicappers. Anything over this mark demands a stiffer shaft flex.


We always look at the price of a driver or any golf equipment. Not that it’s a bad way to start. But when you’re in need of something foolproof and effective. You need to look at something more definitive like the build quality and features. This article shows you how to.

You can always upgrade to a better driver when the need arises. And both these drivers provide exceptional performance at a comfortable price.

  • The TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver has enough speed, stability, and aerodynamics. It develops a great trajectory maintaining swing speed. I don’t see a reason why it won’t define the skills of a beginner.
  • The TaylorMade Men’s Driver is for high handicappers looking for a forgiving driver. It looks good and feels clean and defined.

Clearly, TaylorMade is doing something right. They’re the best drivers for both beginners and high handicappers.



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