Best Face-Balanced Putter

The Best Face-Balanced Putter You’ll Need for Accuracy (2020 Reviews)

In this post, the chances of you actually finding the best face-balanced putter are very high. Only a true face-balanced putter can benefit your golf game. And I have only reviewed options that are the most comfortable to swing. On top of that, these face-balanced putters also deliver distance control. So they’re worth your time, attention, and money as a matter of fact.

Face-balanced putters are a great choice for beginners. Because of the mere fact that they center the whole weight of the club evenly throughout its face. This is what makes the putter way easier to control. It also allows the clubface to remain straight at the time of the putting stroke.

The alternate is toe-weighted putters. These have a tendency of swinging open and close during your putting stroke. That means it becomes difficult for you to square up as well as hit the golf ball straight.

In that case, it’s time to have a look at the 5 best face-balanced versions of putters…

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter#5Mallet34 inches
Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter#4Mallet35 inches
TaylorMade Golf Spider X#3Mallet35 inches
TaylorMade Golf Prior Generation 2017 Spider Putter#2Mallet34 and 35 inches
Odyssey 2018 Red O-Works Putter#1 – Editor’s PickMallet34 inches


Offset hosel improves alignment.

Spider grip provides shock absorption.

Accuracy and distance control are consistent.


It shows signs of wear and tears quickly.

The star of the show here is the unique 2X ORB Alignment. There’s simply no denying that the Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter comes with an exceptional alignment system. One that helps in sinking more putts for sure.

The golf club’s top line helps your eye to stay on target. The outcome of this, most times, is more successful putts from any distance. It’s the perfect tool to improve your golf game.

Moreover, the consistent clubface insert produces smooth rolls while also minimizing skipping. And as you might already know, there’s an offset Plumber Neck hosel. This too is a very useful feature for better alignment.

Pinemeadow has also included a green and black Spider grip. Made of fiber and polyurethane layers, the grip offers a very firm feel. And it’s also optimally shock-absorbent and incredibly comfortable.

A headcover is added to the mix for protecting the putter when it’s not being used. Meaning the brand gives you the chance to preserve the premium appearance of the finish. Speaking of which, the putter’s white color further improves vision clarity during the address. In fact, it also enhances your aim. There’s no chance other putters are superior to this.

#4 Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter – Best face-balanced putter on a budget

Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter Mens Right Hand with Free Headcover


The clubhead is heavier yet well-balanced.

High MOI adds forgiveness.


The grip is a bit complain-worthy.

How about spending less while also making sure you’re hitting those putts with the best face-balanced putter? Sounds like the perfect deal, doesn’t it? If yes, then you might be interested in the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter. It’s an ideal combination of soft feel and bold looks.

With this putter, you can get the golf ball rolling not only quickly. But also on-line in the direction of your target. It’s one of the best mallet-style putters with a high MOI structure. The Moment of Inertia is high to bring lots of forgiveness into the game.

It goes without saying that the hosel is the offset Plumber Neck kind. What such a hosel does is ensures your hands are in front of the putter.

Then there’s the soft TPU clubface insert. This particular feature in golf clubs is installed for providing an amazing feel during impact. And I don’t want to leave out the contrasting bi-colored sightline. So an improvement in alignment is also guaranteed.

You get a neoprene, soft headcover to increase the shelf-life of the putter. But more importantly, you get the golden opportunity to improve your distance control and accuracy with Orlimar. And that really matters when the price tag is so affordable.

#3 TaylorMade Golf Spider X – Best to improve putting accuracy

TaylorMade Golf Spider X, Navy/White, #3 Hosel, Right Hand, 35


Exceptional forward roll and alignment technology.

Heavy frame, lightweight sole offer more streamlined perimeter weighting.


The white paint is prone to chipping.

Do you know what helps a great deal when it comes to improving the accuracy of your putts? TaylorMade’s exclusive True Path Alignment technology. This particular optically engineered system makes it easier for you to visualize your target line. And that, in turn, improves your putting accuracy. With consistent results!

Enhanced stability is also something that demands my attention, and even yours. The whole re-engineered design of the putter screams maximum forgiveness and stability.

Even the feel, sound, and roll the Spider X delivers is more than just satisfactory. All thanks to the thicker Pure Roll insert. The perimeter weighting is at its highest for boosting stability. And even though the clubhead is heavier, the putter is very well-balanced.

So it’s time to upgrade your shorter putts!

#2 TaylorMade Golf Prior Generation 2017 Spider Putter – Best face-balanced putter used by professional golfers

TaylorMade 2017 Spider Tour Right Hand Putter, 34


The putter produces true forward rolls even on mis-hits.

Very useful for long putts.


It takes a while to get used to.

For tour-performance results, you can rely on this Prior Generation Spider Putter by TaylorMade once again. The perimeter weighting here adds stability. Just like the previous TaylorMade putter. Then there’s the removed sightline that helps you zero in on your target. And that means draining more putts when it matters the most.

To be honest, the previous TaylorMade creation and the current one have a lot in common. Even this putter features Pure Roll Insert. It combines 45-degree grooves and softer polymer. So your topspin increases and forward roll improves. The latter happens across all kinds of different surfaces by the way.

In simple words, the spider putter here helps the golf ball start. And it also makes sure the ball stays true to the intended path. So even if you’ve not spotted pros using face-balanced putters. Know that professional golfers like Dustin Johnson and Jason Day have used this TaylorMade putter.

#1 Odyssey 2018 Red O-Works Putter – Editor’s Choice

Odyssey 2018 Red Putters, #7, Winn AVS Mid-Size Pistol, Right Hand, 34


Micro Hinge face insert delivers unmatched roll.

It looks expensive with a high-end red finish.

It offers a very soft, well-balanced feel.


None whatsoever.

The most popular option is none other than the Odyssey 2018 Red O-Works Putter. This best face-balanced putter makes it to almost every such list. And for not one but many reasons. For starters, the putter is specifically crafted to help average or beginner golfers. It contributes to producing an increased forward roll in every stroke.

Why does more forward roll matter by the way? This is directly related to holing putts successfully. And what makes it all possible is the inclusion of the excellent Micro Hinge insert technology. It consists of two components molded together to optimize feel and performance.

The hinges installed in the Micro Hinge plate carry out the tasks of flexing and rebounding at impact. This creates topspin as well as gets the golf ball rolling faster. Then the second unique component is the thermoplastic elastomer inner layer. It delivers the softest feel, which is one of the primary reasons for popularity here.

Furthermore, the putter features Versa Alignment. So you get to set up your putts and align them properly. The toe hang, as you might guess, is moderate. This works in favor of those who create arcs in the putting stroke. But you know, the bold white line also helps with lining up a putting approach that’s straight-back-straight-through.

The chances are whoever swings the current putter is bound to love it. Love its perfect weight, feel, and balance. And also love the fact that the golf club is the easiest to align. Lastly, it comes with a very impressive magnetic headcover.

First Off, What Are Face-Balanced Putters?


When the best golf putter is face-balanced, what does that mean? That it’s the putter head that’s weighted. So the club is optimally balanced between its heel and toe. Optimally in the sense that the shaft of the putter enters its clubhead.

So how do you know if the putter you’re using is face-balanced? The answer is quite simple. Place the putter shaft across your right or left palm. Does the clubface lie completely horizontal? Meaning is the face pointing upward toward the sky? If yes, then that particular putter is face-balanced.

But what’s the point of designing a face-balanced putter? Meaning what does it do? Face balanced putters limit the way their face opens and shuts during the swinging back and through movement. Now this implies that the putter can either make or break your putting experience. Read on to know more…

Go for a Face-balanced putter When…

  • You want to hit a straight-through, straight-back stroke.
  • Your hands are over-active. So you might wish to limit the way the putter opens and closes during every stroke.
  • Your putts are constantly traveling left.

Avoid Using a Face-balanced putter When…

  • You think you’re Tiger Woods. Meaning avoids the face-balanced version when aiming for open-square-closed strokes.
  • You’re consistently struggling with releasing your putter during impact.
  • You’re constantly blocking your putts toward the right.

So How Does the Best Face-balanced Putter Really Matter?


A face-balanced putter makes a huge difference in the sense that it’s easier for golfers to use. You can hit exceptional putts with this kind of a golf club. Without a putter like this, you simply cannot look forward to good scores on your 18-hole game.

It’s no cakewalk swinging that putter head. Let alone keeping the thing straight. At such times, what face-balanced putters do is offer greater control. So the clubface keeps from jerking or moving during your putting stroke. It’s really as simple as that.

What Types of Strokes Work Best with Putters?


A stroke slightly arcing takes you inside the putting line. This is the inside-out putting stroke. And it demands the use of a toe-balanced putter. Not a face-balanced putter.

But if you’re a high- or mid-handicapper, then you should go for the straight-back-straight-through stroke. Because this approach reduces your chances of leaving the clubface closed or open during striking.

When you minimize the likelihood of mis-hits when putting, you’re highly likely to keep your putts on-line. That means making increased putts, which is great news.

Now let me tell you even better news. The putter ideal for the straight-back-straight-through stroke is one that is face-balanced. What the face-balanced putter here does is keep the entire weight of the club centered throughout its face. Thus, allowing easy execution of that particular approach. So now you get the golden opportunity to lower your golf scores.

Difference Between Face-Balanced and Toe-Balanced Putters


I have already discussed the difference in bits and pieces in the sections above. But let me dedicated a separate section for it anyway. The goal of this guide is to help you understand face-balanced putters well enough. So you can know why you should be choosing one over the other.

It’s only logical to assume that not every putting stroke is the same. Some are straight-back-straight-through. While the others are inside-out i.e. slightly arcing. So which putter is best for you depends on your individual putting approach.

The two different putting strokes demand the use of two different types of putters. The toe-balanced putter is a more suitable choice for golfers who produce a slightly arced putting stroke. This implies that the face-balanced version is more fitting for a straight-back-straight-through stroke.

Now let me tell you how to improve your particular stroke technique.

Straight Strokes Technique

Do you wish to produce a straight stroke? Then follow the instructions below…

  • Stand a bit closer to your golf ball.
  • Make sure your wrists are higher during the address. It’s okay if the putter heel comes off the turf.
  • Stand taller at impact.
  • Let the golf club shaft hang perpendicular to the turf. This naturally lets the putter create a much straighter arc.

Arced Strokes Technique

What about if you want to create a much stronger arc? For that…

  • Bring into the movement more rotation of the shoulder, both back as well as through.
  • The putter should move inside on its way back. Go back to the square during impact. And finally, move inside once again on your way through.


So in this post, I’ve discussed putters to a great extent. More particularly, the best face-balanced putter. Now you know what face-balanced means and how it functions. You also know the top 5 most popular face-balanced putters in the golfing community. The best of the lot, hands down, is the Odyssey 2018 Red O-Works Putter.

Let me bring to your attention that no other golf club or equipment has seen more change than the putter. Putters have gone from blade to mallet. And now there are face-balanced and toe-balanced versions as well. So with diversity comes a window of opportunity. So use it to your advantage on the golf course.


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