7 Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers – The Best of the Lot (Reviews 2020)

The number of high handicappers is increasing now more than ever. This means we need a separate category for the best golf balls for high handicappers. Lucky for you, there are plenty of useful and reliable golf balls for high handicappers.

The following choices are carefully picked and recommended. Offering a versatile and unique way to make the most of your slow swing speed. And enabling longer distances, less spin, and no more inaccurate play.

High handicappers look at the golf ball a little differently. A soft feel, strong, protective cover, and solid stability are what you want. These quick recommendations give you plenty to look forward to. Whether that’s less spin, more distance, or consistent stability – it’s your choice!

7 Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers

Srixon Z Star XV 5 Golf Balls #7 4-Piece Urethane
Volvik Vivid Matte Finished Colored Golf Balls #6 3-Piece Ionomer
Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls #5 2-Piece Ionomer
Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls #4 2-Piece Ionomer
Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls #3 Urethane Elastomer
Bridgestone Golf E12 Speed Golf Balls #2 3-Piece Polymer
Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls #1 Editor’s Choice 2-Piece Ionomer

7. Srixon Z Star XV 5 Golf Balls – Best golf balls for speed

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This upgrade of Srixon has gone through many tests. And it only comes out stronger and more dependable than before. The Z Star XV 5 Golf Balls have a special quality. Their dual-gradient core matches the pace and caliber of golf tournaments.

So it’s easy to maintain and longer-lasting. The sturdy core and rugged cover offer better energy transfers for high handicappers. It straightens the shot, stretches the distance, and reduces spin.

So for average slow swingers, this is resilient and hard to resist. If your game is looking low and exhausted, it’s mostly due to the high spin and slow swings. These best golf balls reverse the dynamic of such inaccurate play.

What you get is a long and steady shot that feels great as it flies off the tee. The dimple pattern which is new and renewed feels great. And it may just improve your clubhead speed which is not that common to behold in such golf balls. As you can see, this is quite a crowd-pleaser with a knack for versatile performance.


Less slice and more distance.

The core and cover design are firm and sturdy.

It adds strength and distance off the tee.


It does have an extra spin.

6. Volvik Vivid Matte Finished Colored Golf Balls – Best golf balls for average swing speed

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If there’s a golf ball out there that gets the fundamentals right, it’s this one. These colored golf balls are superior by design and performance. The color of the ball won’t improve your performance. But seeing your amazing shot take off the tee does a lot more!

That’s why the vivid detailing and color of these golf balls are impressive. It improves visibility on the green and saves you time at the wake. It’s not just the looks now, is it? High handicappers want a soft feel and better control. The Volvik offers precisely that – with a touch of superiority.

The 3-piece construction and ionomer cover are proof of that. They improve the way the ball takes off and how it cuts across the air. Giving you a tougher golf ball to show off even with your average swing speed.

The strong core and cover improve distance too. From low to mid-speed swings, you feel the distance as forcefully as you see it going far. The ball goes long and straight off the tee. And the vivid colors make it easier to track down. It’s bright and beautiful to look at!


Impressive distance with a soft feel.

They’re impossible to lose.

Consistent and balanced ball flight.


Harder to control.

5. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls – Best golf balls for distance

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The Srixon Soft Golf Balls have a comfortable feel. Not only do they feel soft off the tee. But they’re also one of the most balanced and stable golf balls. Offering more control and less spin on the platter, these golf balls are truly energizing to play with.

Srixon golf balls have a good rap with beginners and professionals. Experts recommend newbies to fall back on this brand to improve golf performance. You only have to read some of the reviews to fully grasp its reliability.

The golf balls are smooth and round, to begin with. It suits a slower swing speed and doesn’t have plenty of spin. When compared to the V1, these are delightfully better for more controlled players.

If you appreciate a good distance than spin, go for these best golf balls for high handicappers. The golf balls feel incredible in the air. Even with the thinner covers, they don’t show they’re tired or done for unless you do.


Crisp, light, and comfortable golf balls.

Low-compression and soft feel.

The thinner outer cover layer improves flight.


Not as affordable as the others.

4. Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls – Best golf balls for beginners

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So you want a starter-pack? Golf balls that drag less, spin less, and offer a balanced core. The Wilson Staff Elite Golf Balls are a classy choice for such use. The 302 aerodynamics offer shallower dimples that offer a consistent flight.

These best golf balls are essentially and efficiently structured for beginners. They improve speed and flight while micromanaging distance. So it keeps everything under wraps and you don’t have to worry about an inaccurate play.

The golf balls have incredibly low spin. So they’re easier to handle in high-pressure situations. And more importantly, they spin very less while keeping the ball straight. Distance is what you gain and dragging is out of the picture for good.

The real difference, however, is in how you handle your chipping and putting. The softer feel and control of this golf ball eliminates foul play. It offers a strong and balanced shot each time.


Responsive outer cover and stable core.

You can buy it in many different colors.

The soft feel and dimple design are impressive.


The cover is prone to scratches/dents.

Not the most durable construction.

3. Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls – Best golf balls for stability

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A poor and inaccurate play can keep you from advancing to the next golf level. High-handicappers often face this dilemma with a high-compression ball. The solution is soft and low-spin golf balls. Enter the Titleist Pro V1x – it’s the best!

The balls promise more than just straight shots. The structure and cover of the golf balls are superb. Boasting of dual-core technology and long-lasting performance. It’s bound to elevate your skills as a high handicapper to the next level.

What makes this best golf ball work is the high durability. It has a strong but soft core. Each hit offers an exceptional feel off the clubface. And this vows to keep your golf skills in good shape for a long, long time.

When poor chipping or putting gets your score down. The dimple design of this offers better and more consistent take-offs. It’s even harder to resist buying this golf ball when you know it has been recommended by many industry experts.


Advanced and strong core performance.

Lightweight and tough thermoset cover.

Less spin, better control, and no dragging.


Not the best choice for speed control.

2. Bridgestone Golf E12 Speed Golf Balls – Best golf balls for seniors

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These golf balls are built for speed and nothing else. Especially for high handicappers who need a boost in distance. The Bridgestone E12 Speed Golf Balls boast of value and efficiency. So the box is more than just its affordable price tag.

As a high-handicapper, you can get a lot done with these best golf balls. Be it for distance, speed, or balance. The Delta Dimple structure and Polymer material improve performance. You can feel the weight in its thrust and movement.

Aren’t you tired of golf balls dragging on the green? You should be able to feel the energy transfer as soon as you touch the ball. And it’s not every mid-compression ball that offers great velocity for senior players.

This is precisely why the Bridgestone is such a hit with experienced players. It keeps the spins to the bare minimum and improves upon distance expertly. What more does a high handicapper need?


Smooth and consistent movement in the air.

The rugged cover stabilizes the ball.

Dead straight shots with no spin or dragging.


Less control over spin.

1. Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls – Top Choice

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The Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls are popular for many things. But they’re loved for the golf ball’s soft and pleasant feel. If you have a slow swing, you want to keep these best golf balls for high handicappers by your side.

The construction of the golf balls is superb. It’s high-quality and durable. Offering low-spinners the opportunity to hit straighter shots. It’s not like high handicappers don’t need help on the green.

With the ultra-compression of the golf balls, they go longer distances. You can hit longer shots without worrying about messing up. The Trigonometry cover over the golf balls is another one of its best qualities.

Simply said, the feel and handle of the golf balls are great. You can make out the softness and lightweight structure picking up as soon as you strike. Even if your swing speed is not as high as you’d like it to be. These golf balls ensure you can still hit those longer distances.


Affordable and easy to pick out.

The ultra-low compression and softness are useful.

Best for golf veterans with slow swing speeds.


Due to the ultra-soft cover, they don’t last long.

They cannot withstand high swing speeds.

Buying Guide

High handicappers need three things in a golf ball: soft feel, reduced spin, and distance. And not all golf balls can provide you with all three qualities. That’s why you need to search them out. And to save you the trouble, I have an incredible list already!

These golf balls give you everything you need as a high handicapper. Distance, stability, and no dragging.

So to take these exciting features home, you have to understand the basics. The construction, core, compression, and cover. Let’s begin.

Golf Ball Construction

The construction of the golf balls means the core to the cover. The core, as you may have already guessed, is the primary construction. It’s what the golf ball is made of. The core determines the agility and stability of the golf ball.

And it’s what defines compression so delicately and efficiently.

A high handicapper is someone who is characterized by slow swing speed. When the speed is slow, you’re bound to mess up with a high compression ball. It’s heavier and bulkier and, clearly, not a good fit.

What a high handicapper needs is something light. So mid- to low-compression and a soft feel. Introducing a steadier and more consistent flight off the ball. The construction should match the golfer’s speed. And must add distance with no spin or dragging.

That’s precisely what a good construction, low-compression ball can do. It helps you hit better trajectories and sticks the clubface efficiently. This reduces backspin and maintains a stable core as the ball cuts across the air.

This sorcery, if you want to call it that, is well-protected with a golf cover.

A cover can either be made of urethane or ionomer material. Between the two, you have to pick a cover that drags less and lasts longer. In my personal opinion, both materials offer incredible features.

Urethane is organically-produced. It is a Polymer cover and it’s the ideal choice for most players. It instantly gives you a comfortable and soft feel off the bat. It doesn’t shy away from a tough competition.

This means it’s strong, durable, and hard to crack. It shows and endures fewer scratches and dents. It’s more responsive even though it’s a thinner material than an ionomer cover. And it suits a mid to low-compression ball more effectively.

In terms of cost, this is more expensive than synthetic covers.

Ionomer has some similarities with urethane. But the reason why it’s less compatible with mid to low compression balls is that it’s cheaper to manufacture. So it’s more likely to damage easily.

This doesn’t mean that when they’re brand new, they’re not amazing. They get you out of the harshest of conditions. So you can rely on its soft and comfortable feel for as long as it lasts.

Golf Ball Performance

Slow swing speed does not trump speed and distance. Just so long as you have the right golf ball to play with. If it’s a heavy-duty and high-compression golf ball, your golf swing is as disappointing as your golf speed.

But that’s not the correct determining factor for speed, right?

You define ball speed as the measure of how fast the ball shoots off after impact. This can vary depending upon your skills as a golfer. AND the kind of golf ball you use.

Low compression golf balls initiate a better response off the tee. So when the ball comes into contact with the clubface at impact, it goes faster and longer after impact. Only a soft and lightweight golf ball with a strong, protective cover can do that.

That is what high handicappers need. A simple formula that adds distance, takes away the spin and improves velocity at impact.

The faster the ball shoots off after impact, the greater would be the distance.

In this way, you tackle two of the most pressing concerns of slow swings: speed and distance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I improve my golf distance?

The only effective way to do this is to buy a low-spin ball. That is if your swing speed matches the compression of the ball. So for low-speed swingers (high handicappers), this means a softer ball.

When you buy a low compression ball, it creates a rebound effect. This makes it bounce off the tee quicker but without dragging or spinning. Leaving no room for inaccurate play.

Beginners and senior players benefit the most from such golf balls. It allows you to hit farther distances and maintain a steady speed with every shot.

What affects a straight shot?

It’s not so much as speed as it is spin that affects a straight shot. If you hit the ball by managing your swing speed, it creates less spin. An extremely soft golf ball, on the one hand, can create more spin.

This issue is not referring to high handicappers only. It can happen to anyone who uses a high-spin golf ball.

Softer golf balls don’t necessarily call for weaker design or short-term durability. With a stronger cover, they can endure long-term use. It can give you the confidence to turn your slow swing speeds into farther distances. And maintain consistent ball flight with zero spin and dragging.

If your golf ball is relatively good, you have a decent amount of room for improvement. To not only improve your swing speed, but also increase your golf score.

Golf balls like the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls don’t cost much to sharpen your golf skills. With the right ball, you can cure all your shortcomings as a high handicapper. And gain more command over how you hit and finish a round.

Whether you’re starting out as a beginner or you’re a senior. If you’ve come here for quick recommendations, you have plenty of options to choose from. I have the best golf balls for beginners, distance, zero spin, and stability.

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