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The Best Golf Chippers You Need for Easy Shots (2020 Reviews)

Stopping a lob with your wedge when too far away from that hole for the putt is quite common in golf. And this is when you need to grab one of the best golf chippers.

The handling of chippers and putters is much the same. They make way for maximum control and accuracy. At the same time, these clubs generate enough loft. For getting the golf ball out of fringes and roughs surrounding the green.

Many golf club manufacturers design high-quality yet affordable chippers. But each brand manufactures this particular club in a different manner. However, the primary function stays the same. So let’s find out how these 10 chippers differ in terms of features and style.

Top 10 Reviews of the Best Golf Chippers

Ray Cook Golf LH M1 Chipper#10Steel37 degrees
Acer Assembled XK Chipper#9Steel37 degrees
MAZEL Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge#8Steel55 degrees
Intech EZ Roll Men’s Right Hand Golf Chipper#7Steel35 degrees
Ray Cook Extreme Aim Chipper#6Steel37 degrees
Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 Wedge C#5Steel42 degrees
Intech Golf Approach Two-Way Chipper#4Steel56 degrees
Autopilot Square Strike Pitching and Chipping Wedge#3Steel45 degrees
Wilson Harmonized Chipper#2Steel32 degrees
Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Chipper#1 – Editor’s ChoiceSteel37 degrees

#10 Ray Cook Golf LH M1 Chipper – One of the best golf chippers for left-handed golfers

Ray Cook Golf LH M1 Chipper (Left Handed)


The chipper performs better than a pitching wedge.

Lightweight steel shaft reduces twisting at impact.


It takes some getting used to.

Now it’s true that most golfers are right-handed. So here’s the first choice on the list, which is suited for left-handed players only. It’s the Ray Cook Golf LH M1 Chipper. It’s the second best-selling chipper by the brand. I will be reviewing the top Ray Cook chipper later.

As for now, the Ray Cook LH M1 features a modern design with a stainless-steel material clubhead. The sight alignment of this golf club is clean for a confident setup. No doubt, the chipper offers versatile use. Meaning you can improve your short- run and bump shots with this one. The same applies to long pitch shots and 3 to 5 yards chip shots.

The steel shaft is plenty of lightweight and firm. And when that’s the case, you don’t have to deal with twisting during impact. And finally, the rubber compound grip the chipper is equipped with is generously soft yet firm.

I am currently reviewed and will be reviewing only amazing clubs. That is simply great for golfers struggling from around the green. And the current option is no exception. I can guarantee that the Ray Cook Golf LH M1 Chipper takes down a few strokes from your golf game. Plus, it’s high-quality. This means you can keep reducing your strokes for a long, long time.

#9 Acer Assembled XK Chipper – One of the best golf chippers for beginners

Acer Assembled XK Chipper


The chipper delivers accuracy on the downhill, uphill, and flat lies.

The feel and weight of the club are perfect.


The clubhead is too heavy.

If you ask me, there’s no other golf chipper more suited for beginners than this one. The Acer Assembled XK Chipper might not be as popular as the ones I’ve reviewed below. But that doesn’t mean the chipper is not high-performing and effective.

It’s a great pick for beginners who often struggle with chipping around the green. This chipper features an 8-iron loft with a putter-like shaft. And you don’t even have to shell out big bucks to get your hands on it. But just because it’s an affordable buy doesn’t make it any less superior. In terms of quality or performance. Better results should be expected, no doubt.

The contoured sole is ultra-wide for gliding across any lie around the green. On top of that, the over-the-hosel, gooseneck design increases the effective clubface area. Along with eliminating ball shanking that often happens with irons.

This could be your first time using a golf chipper. Still, you’re highly likely to enjoy the feel and even control distance. All it takes is a few practice shots!

#8 MAZEL Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge – One of the best golf chippers with a high-quality grip

MAZEL Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge,Right Handed,35,45,55 Degree Available for Men & Women (Right, Stainless Steel (Black Head), S, 55)


Putter-like lie angle and length give you more control.

The clubface is precision-milled for accuracy and consistency.


Expect no bounce.

When buying one of the best golf chippers, does it mean the club automatically comes with an excellent grip? No, I don’t think so. But this one definitely does! I’m talking about the MAZEL Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge. The rubber grip of the golf club is made of high-performance rubber. No doubt, the grip is easy to hold.

Furthermore, this high-performance rubber grip eliminates unnecessary vibration. So you get a consistent and stable feel.

Now how about improving your short game? For that, this pitching and chipper wedge prevents fat and thin chip shots. This applies to situations around the green and from the fringe.

The brand thought it wise to build a clubhead that’s heavier and sole that’s wide. The heavier head merges with the lower CG to get the golf ball in the air easily. Then comes the wide sole, which is ideal for simplifying sand shots. That becomes much easier in comparison to swinging with a putter.

It goes without saying that the chipper conforms to golf game rules. That means you get to reap the benefits without breaking rules.

#7 Intech EZ Roll Men’s Right Hand Golf Chipper – One of the best golf chippers for saving strokes

Intech EZ Roll Men's Right Hand Golf Chipper


The chipper is incredibly accurate and forgiving.

The back-weighted system is well-balanced.


Clubhead too light for chipping.

Do you know how the Intech Golf EZ Roll Chipper saves strokes? It’s because of the back-weighted structure of the golf club. Performance around the green is bound to improve as a result.

Moreover, the chipper features advanced alignment top lines. So alignment is better and so is accuracy. The loft here is 35 degrees, much like the loft of 7-irons. As for the gooseneck hosel design, it’s shank-proof.

But what matters the most is the back-weighted mechanism. Because it’s this feature that stands out in the case of the Intech Golf EZ Roll Chipper. In fact, the club is so well-known due to this particular reason only. After all, the golf ball receives a greater loft during impact. Plus, the chipper features advanced alignment top mark and superb balance.

It’s a wonderful addition to your entourage of golf clubs. Especially if you’re a beginner! You can easily knock down a few strokes with this one!

#6 Ray Cook Extreme Aim Chipper – One of the best golf chippers at an affordable priceRay Cook Golf- Extreme Aim Chipper 35


The chipper is deadly accurate straight.

Also best for pitches from tough lies.


It takes a lot of practice.

Are you ready for the best budget-friendly option? Yes, that’s right! Indeed, there are high-quality chippers out there that don’t empty your wallet. It’s the Ray Cook Extreme Aim Chipper. First and foremost, this Ray Cook chipper is ideal for golfers who demand some assistance when attacking the target pin from around the green.

It’s crafted like putters, so the chipper acts like one on the golf course. The length of your shot is the same as the one you produce with a putter. But the 37-degree loft of this particular club gets your ball through all the thickness. This means no more bladed and stubbed shots.

The alignment aid feature is clean for a confident setup. And the steel shaft is firm and light for reducing the twisting action during impact. In my opinion, this Ray Cook chipper is one of the most versatile options for short-run and bump shots.

#5 Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 Wedge C – The best wedge for chipping

Cleveland Golf Men's Smart Sole 3.0 Golf Wedge, Right Hand, 42 Degree, Steel


3-tiered sole for better playability and turf interaction.

Shorter shaft and upright lie improve setup position.


None so far.

Did you know that this Cleveland Smart Sole 3 Wedge is a favorite choice among high handicappers? Especially around the green! When talking about wedges, the first brand that comes to mind is Cleveland. They manufacture some of the most phenomenal, industry-leading wedges. And the current creation is no exception.

The exclusive Smart Sole collection consists of game-improving wedges. Like this one! The sole of the wedge is 3-tiered to make way for more efficient ground interaction. To produce crisper and cleaner contact. And to increase playability around the green. No matter the lie!

On top of that, Cleveland has redistributed hosel weight toward the toe. So the center of gravity is closer to the clubface center. The result of this is tighter shot dispersion and an improved feel. So you can get closer to that hole.

And lastly, the lie and loft are optimized. The latter is 42 degrees. And the former more upright. Pair these up with a smaller shaft length, and you have a chipper that promotes an ideal setup.

#4 Intech Golf Approach Two-Way Chipper – One of the best golf chippers for both left-hand and right-hand orientation

Intech Golf Approach Two-Way Chipper


It’s a two-face golf chipper.

The 7-iron-like loft gets the ball over and up short rough sections.


The short length is not suitable for tall golfers.

Now I’m reviewing a two-way chipper. That should be a part of every list of the best golf chippers. It’s the Intech Golf Approach Two-Way Chipper. So you can use it for your right-hand or left-hand orientation. It doesn’t really matter.

The thing is the ultimate shot-saver if you ask me. No doubt, the club gets you close to that pin from around the green. The length of his chipper is the same as a putter. But the loft is much like 7-irons. This is what the setup of the Intech Golf Approach Two-Way Chipper looks like.

The two-face design is ideal for golfers who simply cannot achieve good shots from their normal stance. Chips shots from around the green do seem easy and effortless. On the contrary, they’re the toughest for many golfers. Plus, hitting them consistently just remains a pipe dream.

This is where golf chippers like this one come in handy. Just make sure you place the golf ball slightly back in the stance. Only then you get the golden opportunity to chip close easier. Along with more consistently!

#3 Autopilot Square Strike Pitching and Chipping Wedge – One of the best golf chippers for both men and women

Square Strike Wedge -Pitching & Chipping Wedge for Men & Women -Legal for Tournament Play -Engineered by Hot List Winning Designer -Cut Strokes from Your Golf Game Fast


Extra toe weight keeps the club square through impact.

Sole is extra-wide to prevent digging.


Results are often inconsistent.

Allow me to bring to your attention that the Square Strike Pitching and Chipping Wedge here comes with a wider sole. When the sole is extra-wide, it helps with preventing digging. That means goodbye chunked chip and pitch shots. And also goodbye to wasted strokes.

The golf chipper vs wedge debate is brought into the picture here. This chipper offers a solid, heavy feel. The kind that boosts confidence better than when using a thin-face wedge. That, more often than not, tends to rotate and dig. But less rotation, in this case, equals to easier and more consistent clean contact.

The length (35.5 inches) and lie angle (68 degrees) are putter-like. On top of that, the weighting is anti-rotational for easier swing and more control. Just use a putter stroke to achieve better accuracy. That’s all you have to keep in mind.

To sum it up, the Square Strike Wedge enjoys the upper hand. When compared to traditional wedges as well as 7-irons.

#2 Wilson Harmonized Chipper – The most popular golf chipper out there

Wilson Men's Harmonized Golf Chipper (Right Hand, Steel, 35-Inch)


Chipper creates square impact, thus ideal for beginners.

It conforms with the USGA regulations.


The club lacks weight/bulk for a higher trajectory.

Wilson is a golf brand that has been in business for a century now. They manufacture and distribute premium golfing equipment all over the world. So it’s only logical of me to review a Wilson chipper. After all, the Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper is one of the most popular clubs out in the market. And for good reasons that too.

The club is ideal for the most difficult areas around the green. There’s no denying that. It features an excellent alignment aid. This makes the task of lining up your putts more accurately much easier and doable. The head shape of the chipper is also pretty revolutionary. In terms of both design and performance. Unlike the others on the list!

The Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper is a blend of a putter and a wedge. Perfect for players learning the game and skills of golf. For scooping out shots from deep grass. Or for simple off-the-fringe shots. This chipper works like magic during such times.

The loft of this one is the same as the loft of a traditional 7-iron. Even the grip is iron-like. And for additional versatility, the grip of the club is round. Once again, much like irons. So you have every reason to believe that improvements are inevitable. In the case of none other than the Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper.

#1 Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Chipper – Editor’s Choice

Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Chipper, Right Hand, Steel


The chipper is intuitive, high-quality with a heavy head.

Easier to use in comparison to a wedge.


Prone to developing scratches, but this doesn’t affect function.

Now the time has come for me to talk about the top choice on the list. It’s none other than Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Chipper. Do you struggle with your golf game around the green? If yes, then a chipper like this is bound to help your game instantly. The Pinemeadow EGI is specifically designed for use around the green.

You can play the club just like your putter. But with the feel and loft of a wedge. It’s the perfect way to improve short games. Along with bringing about drastic changes in your scores instantly!

In terms of play, the chipper features a 37 degrees loft. This is ideal for a wide range of options for shots around the green. The Pinemeadow EGI is crafted with minimal face rotation. And that implies perfect balance.

When I say it improves the short game, I meant the chipper has the ability to eliminate fat and thin chip shots. Specifically from around the green and the fringe. Feel free to use your normal putting stroke with this one. Without worrying about achieving maximum accuracy.

Another thing that hugely matters is the heavy design and wide sole. This combination promotes better control and impact. No doubt, it’s a keeper bound to stay with you for a very, very long time.

All You Need to Know About Using and Choosing the Best Golf Chippers


How to Use Golf Chippers?

A chipper in golf is also known as a putter chipper. The golf club lets you hit short chip shots. It pops the golf ball over the fringe of the green.

The clubhead of a chipper is the same as that of golf putters. The only difference is that the former features a higher loft. To be more specific, this loft is usually between 30 degrees and 37 degrees. Chippers are perfect for tackling shots too long for putters. And too short for wedges.

Now that you have a basic idea of what a chipper is. Let me tell you how to use one.

  • You start by surveying the turf between the green and your position. This is to determine whether or not you should be using a chipper in the first place. Just keep in mind that chippers don’t pop the golf ball as high as wedges. This means, in the case of high obstructions, you have to make sure you clear the ball using the chipping stroke.
  • The next step is to line up the shot. You do it in a similar manner as that of long putt. Check the green for determining the direction of the golf ball after it lands on the ground to start rolling.
  • With chippers, keep your stance the same as in the case of using traditional putters. Even the grip remains the same. Is your left hand the non-dominant one? If yes, then place it near grip, at the top. Position the thumb in such a way that it follows down the line of the shaft.
  • Now wrap the right hand over the thumb. This right thumb should be in line with your other thumb. Interlock the pinky finger of the right hand with the index finger of the left one. And stand with the golf ball closer to the lead foot. Place most of your body weight over that lead foot.
  • Take your regular putter stroke and hit the golf ball hard enough. Just make sure before you do that, your elbows and wrists are straight throughout. Hit the golf ball so it pops up into the air. And travels over any potential obstructions along the path.

Keep your swinging motion smooth and slow. Generate all the force through your shoulders and not arms. The force you hit with should be relatively less than when you’re using a putter. To achieve the same distance!

But why is that? It’s because chipped golf balls encounter less resistance and friction. In comparison to a golf ball that rolls the whole distance along the turf.

How to Choose the Best Golf Chipper


Do you want to buy one for a tournament?

  • If yes, then avoid two-face chippers. Pick a chipper that is single-faced and with a cylindrical-shaped grip. The two-faced versions are designed for only recreational play. So it’s best to not waste time practicing with a two-face chipper when you can’t use it for tournaments. That’s the first rule.
  • The second rule of choosing chippers is the club angle. Obviously, not all chippers are built with the same loft. Some chippers hit the golf ball farther and higher. So don’t neglect the loft, even when buying 9-irons, 8-irons, and sand wedges.

Generally speaking, golf clubs with different lofts are the norm. This means you have the right loft for your every shot. So there’s no sense in buying a chipper and a 9-iron that offer the same loft. Instead of making that mistake, go for a chipper with a slightly lower or higher loft than the highest irons and sand wedge you’re currently using. This brings into the picture maximum versatility.

  • The next rule is the correct hand orientation. It goes without saying that left-handed and right-handed golfers don’t swing in the same direction. And every golf club is specifically crafted for swinging in one particular direction only. And that is either left or right.

Most golf club manufacturing companies mention the hand orientation of the club. So keep in mind to check with that at the time of buying.

Even shaft length matters to tell you for a fact. When the shaft length is correct, it means the shaft is perfect for your particular height. Along with the distance between the ground and your crease.



The thing about golf chippers is that they’re hybrid clubs. A mix of putter and wedge. You can go for a chipper if you’re not sure about using a lob wedge or putter. In that case, I have reviewed the top 10 choices for you.

The best ones have a putter-like clubhead with a loft between 35 degrees and 37 degrees. They’re much the same as your 7-iron but with a different loft. Such as the Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Chipper.


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