Best Golf Glove for Sweaty Hands

The Best Golf Glove for Sweaty Hands You Need to Play With (Top 10 Reviews)

Golf gloves allow you to perform to the best of your abilities on the golf course. If you’re an experienced golfer, then you know what I’m talking about. But, in this case, the concern is your sweaty hands. So what is the best golf glove for sweaty hands?

Now obviously you can’t just buy any glove and expect it to dry up quickly. That’s not going to happen. Plus, your sweating makes everything worse. For perspiration specifically, you have to buy gloves that offer tons of breathability. In the form of perforations, mesh inserts, synthetic material construction, etc.

So how about I introduce you to these types of golf gloves? Are you ready?

Best Golf Glove for Sweaty Hands: Top 10 Choices

Grip Boost Cabretta Leather No-Slip Golf Gloves#10Left or rightCabretta leather
Titleist Men’s Perma Soft Golf Glove#9Left or rightCabretta leather
Srixon Men’s Z Cabretta Leather Golf Glove#8Left or rightCabretta leather
MG Golf Glove MensDynaGrip Elite All-Cabretta Leather#7Left or rightCabretta leather
Titleist Men’s Players Golf Glove#6Left or rightCabretta leather
Nike Dura Feel VIII Men’s Golf Glove#5Only leftGenuine leather
FootJoy Men’s WeatherSof Golf Gloves#4Left and right
(pack of 2)
Cabretta leather
Bionic Gloves Men’s StableGrip Golf Glove#3Left or rightGenuine leather
Finger Ten Men’s Rain Grip Golf Glove#2Left and/or right
(pack of 2 and single-hand orientation)
Microfiber suede
Callaway Golf Men’s OptiColor Leather Glove#1 – Editor’s ChoiceLeft or rightPremium leather

#10 Grip Boost Cabretta Leather No-Slip Golf Gloves – Best affordable golf glove

Grip Boost Men's Right Hand Golf Glove Cabretta Leather Sheep Skin No-Slip Golf Gloves - Size Medium - White


Constructed of high-quality Cabretta leather.

Long strap facilitates adjustments.


Glove fingers tend to twist up.

I thought it would be best to start with a high-quality Cabretta leather glove. One that is also budget-friendly by the way. The Grip Boost No-Slip Golf Glove is a sharp-looking thing, as you can see. It has a very breathable construction, which is something sweaty hands appreciate.

There’s no denying this glove offers great value. You can play 10 to 15 rounds of golf. And still expect zero holes in or damage to the glove. As for the fit, the sizing is perfect. So there’s no doubt the gloves fit perfectly around your hand.

On closer inspection, I found the back of the glove to be quite remarkable. It’s a phenomenal combination of polymer and mesh for enhancing the overall fit. To be honest, it’s not common to come across such a great buy at such an affordable price. There’s aren’t many gloves within the same price range that are as top-end as this one.

It’s a sturdy, no-slip glove that is surprisingly durable. Even under the toughest golf testing conditions. But, more importantly, the grip is excellent. And your hands do not sweat. And that’s what matters the most, doesn’t it?

#9 Titleist Men’s Perma Soft Golf Glove – Best golf glove for occasional golfers

Titleist Perma Soft Golf Glove Mens Reg LH Pearl, White(Medium, Worn on Left Hand)


Very soft and comfortable.

Mesh panel added for breathability.


Not a durable glove.

Why is the Titleist Perma Soft Golf Glove such a great choice for occasional golfers? Because this glove doesn’t have the ability to last for a very long time. So if you’re an occasional golfer, chances are you won’t have such a big problem with the durability factor.

As for performance, the glove is made using high-quality Cabretta leather. It’s so soft that your hands are bound to feel comfortable. What’s even more appealing is the fact that the glove is perspiration and rain-resistant. So it dries up and retains its gripping properties pretty quickly.

The glove is outfitted with a unique CoolMax mesh material panel. This provides all the additional breathability, comfort, and fit your hand demands at the time of flexing. The seams on the glove are precisely placed. To keep from interfering with the grip of course.

The beauty of most Titleist gloves is that they’re very soft and comfortable. At the same time, they fit perfectly well. Crafted from Cabretta leather, the Perma Soft Golf Glove is good for not only those with sweaty hands. But also for those with shorter fingers.

#8 Srixon Men’s Z Cabretta Leather Golf Glove – The softest golf glove

Srixon Men's Z Cabretta Leather Golf Glove


It’s an extremely soft and durable glove.

Stretchy material to offer a customized fit.


Thickness is a bit lacking.

Now it’s time for the softest of the lot. If you’re looking for a golf glove that feels nothing but soft against the skin. Then you’ve found it. The Srixon Z Cabretta Leather Golf Glove offers unmatched softness. That your hand, sweaty or not, is certainly going to value highly.

The added comfort and flexibility this softness delivers are what stand out in this case. Even this glove is made using high-quality Cabretta leather. Much like the previous two! So you don’t have to worry about feel and fit.

The glove design features lycra insert placed across the area of the knuckles. Once you put on the glove, you’ll understand how useful this is. No matter how much you sweat, the Srixon Z Golf Glove feels very soft and comfortable. It’s the perfect choice for those who end up going through a lot of gloves. Because of their sweaty hands of course.

It certainly is a premium-quality golf glove that gives even Callaway and Titleist a tough competition. No wonder it’s so highly recommended. In my opinion, the glove’s great fit and exceptional quality are the deciding factors here. Even though thin, the excellent durability and grip it hands out are quite impressive. After all, Srixon is all about quality and comfort.

#7 MG Golf Glove Men’s DynaGrip Elite All-Cabretta Leather – Best golf glove with a hyper-sensitive feel

MG Golf Glove Mens Left (RH Golfer) DynaGrip Elite All-Cabretta Leather (X-Large Regular Size)


Cabretta leather used is very grippy and soft.

The glove absorbs moisture and sweat very well.


A little tight around the knuckles, but this loosens over time.

The hyper-sensitive feel of this all-Cabretta leather glove is valued by many Tour golfing professionals. This is the DynaGrip Elite Golf Glove made of strong and soft Cabretta leather. The kind that is suitable for providing the most comfortable, flexible, and breathable hyper-sensitive feel.

You don’t take time to notice just how lightweight the glove is. As it should be, don’t you think? Moreover, it’s equipped with an elastic hinge in the knuckle. This type of construction makes the grip factor more comfortable. And it also eliminates tugging.

No doubt, the glove is supple and soft. It’s recommended for elite golfers. Along with occasional players that like to hit the golf course once in a while. The product you see is premium without the shadow of a doubt. The durable leather structure lasts longer than expected. At the same time, it performs just like the gloves top contenders of golf are wearing these days.

#6 Titleist Men’s Players Golf Glove – Best ultra-thin golf gloveTitleist Players Mens Cadet LH Pearl, White(Medium, Worn on Left Hand)


Long-lasting glove with a long-lasting grip.

Ultra-thin design to maximize feel.


Stitching is prone to coming loose.

How is this the best golf glove for sweaty hands? The manufacturer is none other than Titleist after all. So you should expect nothing but greatness in all aspects. For one thing, the glove has an ultra-thin construction. This is extremely useful for offering lasting performance and maximum feel.

The premium-quality Cabretta leather used ensures a great fit. This fit facilitates a seamless connection with your golf club. The fabric employed is abundantly breathable for support and comfort.

Furthermore, the satin reinforcements in the thumb and cuff activate more strength. And even boost durability. There are perforations installed along with the fingers. These enable air circulation, thus making the glove a great fit for sweaty hands.

The consistent fit and thin feel are simply add-ons. That every golfer is sure to appreciate on the golfing course. And let’s not forget the rich Titleist logo placed on the glove’s tab closure. If you ask me, nothing feels as superior as Titleist leather. The golf brand always comes through, doesn’t it?

#5 Nike Dura Feel VIII Men’s Golf Glove – Best fitting golf glove

Nike Men's Dura Feel Golf Glove (White), Medium-Large, Left Hand


Nike gloves hold up amazingly well.

They make it through wet conditions.


Small Velcro limits adjustability.

What golf or any other sports-related reviews list is complete without at least one Nike creation? In that case, here is the best golf glove for sweaty hands by Nike. The Nike Dura Feel VIII Golf Glove. It’s made using genuine leather.

Then there’s perforated synthetic leather paneling you can see at the back of the hand. On top of that, the stretch fabric is placed strategically. It’s present in the back of the glove and the fingers. So you get all the flexibility and freedom of movement you desire from the glove during gameplay.

The design also consists of the angled tab. This is what takes care of the fit, making it superior and ergonomic. Speaking of which, Nike offers a customized fitting system here. So it doesn’t matter what your hand size or shape is, Nike has you covered. There aren’t too many golf gloves like these. That delivers such a comfortable and consistent fit.

But this one is highly likely to be a favorite because of the exceptional Nike durability. To make matters even more pleasant, the glove is also more breathable and much cooler. Even if the glove size you’re picking is normal. The flexibility of the knuckle construction and material feels out of this world.

#4 FootJoy Men’s WeatherSof Golf Gloves – Best top-of-the-line golf gloves

FootJoy Men's WeatherSof 2-Pack Golf Glove White Medium/Large, Worn on Left Hand


Double PowerNet inserts of mesh for breathability.

The reinforced leather heel pad prevents wear and tear.


Sizing runs very small.

When I say top of the line, I mean these sweaty hands golf gloves ace it in terms of comfort, durability, and grip. The FootJoyWeatherSof Golf Gloves are a very popular choice. Thanks to the combination of a soft and consistent feel, maximum durability, and revolutionary performance that they deliver.

This best golf glove for sweaty hands has been sold in millions. So many golfers have used it to enhance their performance on the golf course. And in all kinds of weather conditions.

What the glove features are remarkable durability. This comes in the form of advanced-performing leather material. That increases the durability and feel of the gloves. Along with the grip performance in all the main stress areas.

Even the fit is a factor that doesn’t disappoint. The FiberSof material of the brand offers an incredibly soft and consistent feel. Along with a secure, comfortable grip. The ComforTab closure is an adjustable feature to further enhance the feel and fit.

Furthermore, the soft breathable mesh in the knuckles boosts airflow. And this helps in managing those sweaty hands. Along with improving flexibility and comfort. Now I know why these gloves are regarded as the #1 choice in so many lists of the best golf glove 2020.

#3 Bionic Gloves Men’s StableGrip Golf Glove – Best revolutionary golf glove

	 BIONIC Gloves –Men’s StableGrip Golf Glove W/Patented Natural Fit Technology Made from Long Lasting, Durable Genuine Cabretta Leather.


Extra padding added everywhere, and it feels comfortable.

3D finger pads and tapered fingers for a contoured fit.


Sizing is incorrect.

In terms of golfing technology, no other glove beats this one. The Bionic StableGrip Golf Glove is a force to be reckoned with. There’s no denying that. The glove is packed with nothing but innovative features everywhere.

Genuine leather here ensures high-quality construction and performance. There’s an extra pad installed in the palm area. This hands out additional durability and support. The double padding provides twice the level of strength.

The brand also decided to include the exceptional anatomical pad relief system. What this does is evens out the surface of the hand. Meaning the grip pressure you exert gets displaced evenly throughout your golf club. This implies a lighter, more comfortable grip. So you’re in complete control of your shots.

Then there’s the pre-rotated design of the fingers. It contours to the natural shape of your hand. So the glove offers a customized fit.

What about perspiration management? For that, there are lycra inserts between the gussets of the fingers and over the knuckles. These bring into the picture not only maximum breathability. But also flexibility. And this is very useful during those hot and humid golf rounds.

In the end, I would just like to say that every golfer with sweaty hands hits the jackpot with this one.

#2 Finger Ten Men’s Rain Grip Golf Glove – Best golf glove for wet weather

FINGER TEN Men’s Golf Glove Rain Grip Pair Both Hand or 2 Pack Left Right Hand, Hot Wet Weather No Sweat, Black Gray Green, Fit Size Small Medium Large XL (Large Black, 1 Pair)


Gloves are breathable and moisture-wicking.

They’re light, comfortable, and cool with a stellar grip.


No stretch whatsoever.

How many golf gloves have you come across, even in this review, with a QuickDry knit palm design? Not even a single one I suppose. In that case, you might want to turn your attention to Finger Ten Golf Gloves.

This best golf glove for sweaty hands features the exclusive QuickDry knit palm with 3D mesh performance back. Both sides are great for wet conditions. This includes perspiration of course. On top of that, the gloves also have excellent moisture-wicking properties. For control and comfort of course.

The fabric used is not Cabretta leather. Instead, microfiber suede is a part of the construction of the glove. Even the material is suitable for humid or wet conditions. This means a grip that just refuses to budge. No matter how sweaty your hands or how wet the climate on the golf course.

So if this is the kind of performance you demand from your golf gloves. I don’t see why you shouldn’t go for Finger Ten.

#1 Callaway Golf Men’s OptiColor Leather Glove – Editor’s Choice

Callaway Golf Men's Opticolor Leather Glove, Worn on Left Hand, Cadet X-Large Grey


Exceptional quality and skin-tight yet comfortable fit.

Flexibility with hand movement is excellent.


Signs of wear and tear appear quickly.

It’s time for my top recommendation now. The ultimate best golf glove for sweaty hands is Callaway OptiColor Leather Glove. Thanks to the excellent perforations at the top, around the fingers, and on the palm. These bring about all the increase in breathability and reduction in moisture you demand during golf.

The feel and fit of the gloves deliver nothing but superior comfort. And that’s essential when you’re gripping your golf club. And when you want to be in full control of your every shot. Speaking of the fit, the glove is secure, light, and thin. It’s the perfect combination if you ask me.

There are stretchable lycra panels installed for providing more comfort. But, in my opinion, the perforations of the glove steal all the limelight. After all, the priority here is to find the best golf glove for sweaty hands, right? With that in mind, these perforations are strategically positioned for wicking away perspiration. And keeping your hand cool and dry during hot, humid weather.

Buying Guide of the Best Golf Glove for Sweaty Hands

You Can Buy Gloves for Sweaty Hands. But Why Buy Golf Gloves for Wet Weather?


There’s absolutely no denying or even downplaying the fact that golf gloves improve performance. Simply by improving the feel of your golf clubs during the swing.

In a single round of golf, you perform many golf swings. These swings include the ones you make for your golf shots. Along with the ones you make from the range and during your practice sessions. Let’s say the number is over 100 per month. Now that’s A LOT, isn’t it?

So what golf gloves do is protect your hand from blistering during these 100+ swings. They also facilitate better interaction with your golf club. When hands are comfortable and dry, they can produce better shots, no doubt. And they also make sure your club stays in place during the entire movement of the swing.

Getting the Right Size of Golf Gloves for Control


So there are regular gloves and then there are cadet style gloves. The former is perfect for larger hands as it has fuller fingers. While the latter is a more suitable choice for squat-fingered golfers. So if you’re a woman or a junior golfer, you should go for cadet style golf gloves.

As for how the gloves are supposed to fit, I have two words for you, SNUG and COMFORTABLE. No restriction of any kind.

Does the brand logo leave a mark on your skin after you remove the glove? If yes, then it’s too small. Does the glove length protrude beyond the fingertips? If yes, then the glove is too big.

Best Material for the Best Golf Glove for Sweaty Hands

  • Leather Gloves


More often than not, golf gloves are made of leather. But the quality of this leather is what differs from brand to brand. High-quality Cabretta leather is the most popular choice. Due to its premium nature. They’re also great for hot, humid weather conditions. Along with perspiration issues during the game of golf.

  • Synthetic Gloves


These are usually a combination of synthetic fabric and leather. The former includes spandex or satin nets. And there’s no denying that synthetic gloves offer more cooling properties. No wonder they’re a better option than leather gloves for excessively sweaty golfers. Or for playing in extremely hot weather.

Should You Buy Just A Single Glove or A Pair?


Almost 10 out of 10 times you see professional golfers wearing a single glove rather than two. Except for Tommy Gainey. But that’s only one exception. However, the fact remains unchanged that wearing two gloves is an anomaly.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot wear two if you want to. New golfers often wear gloves in both their hands in order to prevent the formation of blisters. Until their hands get used to the rhythm of the game.

However, it goes without saying that buying just one glove is cheaper than buying two. Also, not many golf brands sell them in a pair. My reviews section is proof of that. You either get a right-hand or left-hand orientation.


The EndNote

So I have reviewed the best golf gloves for sweaty hands in this post. There are top 10 picks for you to choose from. At the same time, I have provided a guide section too. Because knowledge is what gets you to make the right decisions.

In the end, it all rounds up to three important factors. These include performance, breathability, and durability. If the golf glove has earned praise in these three categories, then it’s a reliable option. Even for sweaty hands! Because breathability means the gloves dry quickly. It also prevents moisture from building up inside the glove.

One very good example of that is the Callaway Golf OptiColor Leather Glove.



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