The Best Graphite Shafts for Irons The Best Graphite Shafts for Irons That Are the Most Useful (Reviews 2020)

The game of golf has certainly modernized. And the proof of that takes the form of the best graphite shafts for irons. Wooden shafts are known to be whippy. And steel shafts are all about being over-stiff. In comparison to both, graphite-built shafts load way better. Thus, delivering power many golfers demand these days.

In traditional terms, the power I’m talking about was often a result of how the player controls the golf ball. But that’s not the case anymore.

Earlier, shafts made using hickory wood had a tendency for twisting at the time of swing and impact. Therefore, bending during the swing and storing energy. And that, in turn, would unload the stored energy into the golf ball. Resulting in a whippy sensation. Particularly for off-center hits. However, steel shafts did manage to provide more stability but they didn’t load well.

Enter graphite shafts!

Best Graphite Shafts for Irons

AccuFLEX Vizion Ultralite 60 gram Nano Graphite Golf Iron Shafts#7.370 parallel tipR/S combo
UST Mamiya Recoil 780 ES Stiff Flex Graphite Iron Shafts#6.370 parallel tipStiff
Tour Made Red REAX Nano 65 Gram Graphite Golf Iron Shafts#5.370 parallel tipSenior
I Drive Black Lightning Prototype Nano Graphite Golf Iron Shafts#4.370 parallel tipR/S combo
I Drive ULTRALITE 60 Gram PGA Tour Silver ION Graphite Iron Shafts#3.370 parallel tipA/L combo
AeroTech SteelFiber i80cw Graphite Iron Shaft#2.355 taper tipStiff – 85gr
UST Recoil ZT9 Iron Shaft Set#1 Top Choice.370 parallel tipRegular (F3)

AccuFLEX Vizion Ultralite 60 gram Nano Graphite Golf Iron Shafts – Best for improving clubhead speed

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It’s an UltraLite 60-gram graphite iron shaft. That’s specifically designed for players who want to boost clubhead speed. And extra clubhead speed means additional distance. It also means a narrower shot dispersion.

You get the opportunity to strike straighter, longer iron shots with this AccuFLEX Vizion model. There’s no doubt about that.

What’s also remarkable is the control and strength of the shaft. It prevents the twisting of the clubhead during impact. And transfers greater energy to the golf ball.

So if you want to gain 10 to 20 yards extra in your irons. Then you know what to buy!


  • Narrower shot dispersion and improved distance.
  • UltraLite graphite iron shaft features control and strength.
  • Recovery rate more consistent during impact.


  • No complaints so far.

UST Mamiya Recoil 780 ES Stiff Flex Graphite Iron Shafts – Best low trajectory iron shafts

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These graphite iron shafts may not be as recent as the others on the list. Even so, they’re quite sought-after among golfers who want more stability. But, more importantly, UST Mamiya Recoil 780 is the most popular for producing a lower ball trajectory.

The brand has counterbalanced the shock-absorbent nature of graphite. Simply by introducing the exclusive SmacWrap material within the core. This offers a higher dampening effect that actually works.

Moreover, since the shaft tip is parallel, trimming it is relatively easier. So you can experiment with different varieties of stiffness levels.

So, to sum it up, it’s one of the best graphite shafts for irons to create a low trajectory.


  • The most suitable for a slightly lower ball flight.
  • SmacWrap core produces a more dampening effect.
  • Premium ION plating finish.


  • None

Tour Made Red REAX Nano 65 Gram Graphite Golf Iron Shafts – Best graphite iron shaft for golfers of all levels

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Don’t prefer using heavy graphite iron shafts? Or shafts that don’t offer superior control, accuracy, consistency, and enhanced feedback? If yes, then go for Tour Made Red REAX. Its weave composite carbon fibers installed in the primary power points offer strong feedback.

The tip stiffness is low-torque and the bend point is mid-low. This unique combo produces an optimal ball spin and launch angle. The next praiseworthy element is the dynamic torsional stability of the tip. For providing more distance, excellent consistency, and remarkable feel.

If you ask me, it’s one of the best graphite shafts for irons. With a lighter weight and stronger shaft construction. That boosts distance, irrespective of your golfing level or skills.


  • Tight shot dispersion and controlled torque.
  • Shaft construction is lightweight yet strong.
  • Better energy transfer and load diffusion.


  • The shaft kick point is mid-low, and not low.

I Drive Black Lightning Prototype Nano Graphite Golf Iron Shafts – Best for improving trajectory and spin

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First off, let me tell you that this is not going to be the only I Drive graphite iron shaft I review in this article. In fact, most such posts about the best graphite shafts for irons consist of more than just a single I Drive creation. This one’s the Black Lightning Prototype Nano Graphite model. And it’s ideal for your iron for many reasons.

For starters, it’s one of the best for producing an optimal ball trajectory and spin. That too consistently. Black Lightning ranks as the most powerful NANO iron shaft in the golf equipment industry.

You can and should expect more stability, control, and torque resistance. Then there’s the Filament Wound technology of I Drive. That gives you a higher launch. Along with the perfect flattening trajectory without any extra spin. So now you understand why and how it actually works to your advantage?


  • Consistently produces perfect spin and trajectory.
  • Recovery rate more consistent during impact.
  • Combination of low spin and high launch.


  • None so far.

I Drive ULTRALITE 60 Gram PGA Tour Silver ION Graphite Iron Shafts – Best lightweight graphite shaft for irons

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It’s time to pave the way for one of the best lightweight graphite iron shafts. It’s none other than I Drive ULTRALITE 60 Gram PGA Tour Silver ION Graphite Iron Shaft. In the modern shaft market, this one’s certainly a different yet powerful choice. One that actually works in your favor.

It’s comparatively lighter than even the standard options of I Drive iron shafts. To be more specific, 10 grams lighter. In fact, this particular model also ranks as the hottest lightweight tour shaft currently.

With a NANO graphite-built shaft like this, you can generate increased clubhead speed. And that, in turn, is bound to boost distance and power. So if you’re a golfer who desires to achieve extra yardage. And, at the same time, you want to use a lightweight golf club. Then you’ve hit the jackpot with this one.

The new, exclusive Silver ION Tour Lite gives you a better launch as well as spin rate. So your distance and ball speed doesn’t get compromised at any cost. And that’s the beauty of such a modern design.


  • The hottest, lightest graphite iron shaft.
  • Filament Wound technology improves launch and trajectory.
  • Tight shot dispersion boosts distance.


  • Silver encasing flakes off when you trim the shaft tip.

AeroTech SteelFiber i80cw Graphite Iron Shaft – Best for improving yardage and accuracy

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What makes the AeroTech SteelFiber i80cw Graphite Iron Shaft so special? Especially when it comes to boosting your accuracy and yardage? The answer lies merely in the form of this graphite iron shaft. The SteelFiber i80 construction itself is the answer to that question.

Are you a golfer that has, for reasons not important, lost valuable yardage over time? Or are you a golfer that’s used to playing the lightest graphite iron shafts? If yes and yes, then AeroTech SteelFiber i80 is made just for you.

Without the shadow of a doubt, it improves yardage. And also contributes greatly to boosting the accuracy of your every shot. Its lightweight structure is what makes the latter possible of course. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a senior golfer or beginner. All the power and control lie in your hands.


  • Lightweight shaft for better yardage and accuracy
  • SteelFiber i80 offers unprecedented control
  • Also available in Regular Flex.


  • None whatsoever.

UST Recoil ZT9 Iron Shaft Set – Top Choice

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The final i.e. the top choice is the UST Recoil ZT9 Iron Shaft. Needless to say, this one has a lightweight construction for greater impact strength as well as feel. Let me also bring to your attention that the shaft’s exclusive Recoil technology is the best feature of all. Because it has the ability to offer better trajectory control, distance, and consistency.

This Recoil technology of UST provides the much-needed spring effect within the shaft walls. Thus, a more efficient transfer of energy to the golf ball. For greater distance and increased velocity.

The ZT9 consists of higher damping. So even on mishits, you can enjoy an improved feel. Then comes the ION plating. That’s responsible for the stunning platinum visual appeal of the shaft. This, in comparison to traditional paint, looks very professional. And even more expensive.

Furthermore, the torque is lower to improve your shot dispersion. No doubt, this is a phenomenal choice for all types of golfers. That is bound to improve your iron shots, even the off-center ones.


  • Lightweight shaft with higher damping for better feel.
  • Recoil technology improves distance and trajectory.
  • ION plating to create a premium finish.


  • Some tip shaping is required.

Buying Guide of the Best Graphite Shafts for Irons

Image name: best-graphite-iron-shafts-buying-guide

Upgrading and customizing golf club shafts isn’t a new occurrence. Golfers have been doing so for many, many years. But earlier, it was a path chosen only by highly skilled or professional players. However, that’s not the case anymore.

Today, all types of golfers are looking for ways to add better quality shafts. Simply to boost their swing speed. Along with improving their launch angles. Speaking of which, graphite shafts are the most useful along these lines. Particularly for irons.

But how do you know which graphite iron shaft has a better, more effective construction? Well, that’s not for you to decide if you don’t want to. I have reviewed some of the best options currently available.

And now it’s time for me to provide you with information about not only graphite shafts. But also other types of golf club shafts. Along with everything you need to know about shaft technology.

What to Keep In Mind When Choosing the Best Graphite Iron Shaft

Image name: choosing-the-best-graphite-shafts-for-irons

One very important factor is the shaft tip. This is crucial when it comes to golf irons. Because the majority of them consist of a hosel type that accepts either .355 tapered or .370 parallel. These two kinds of shaft tips are not interchangeable. So make it a point to pick one of the two for your irons.

What about if you have a hybrid iron? Then it’s less likely that this particular golf club is going to use a graphite shaft with the .355 tip.

The next important factor takes the form of a question. And that is why do you wish to upgrade to a graphite shaft? Is it for more stability or control? Or do you merely want to boost distance and swing speed? If the reason is more control, then a heavier shaft is necessary. One whose weight is much like that of the steel shaft.

As for improving swing speed as well as distance. Go for graphite iron shafts that weigh not more than 70 grams. And not less than 60 grams.

But, irrespective of what your reason is, know that graphite shafts rank as the more consistent choice. In comparison to their steel counterparts. So even if you’re confused as to why you want to upgrade to a graphite shaft. You can breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that graphite iron shafts help more than they hurt.

Other Types of Golf Shafts

Image name: types-of-golf-shafts

Steel Shafts

These are more durable, less expensive, and stronger than their graphite siblings. Steel shafts are constructed using carbon steel. And sometimes stainless steel is employed.

The thing about steel shafts for irons is that they deliver more control. Along with more accuracy. On the other hand, graphite shafts focus more on distance than accuracy.

But for steel shafts, you do indeed need to have a faster or higher swing speed. As for the graphite version, slower swing speed is more than capable of producing the same distance.

Therefore, a steel shaft is a better choice for golfers with average swing speed. Who wants to enjoy more control in the game.

Multi-Material Shafts

This is a more recent addition in the department of golf shafts. They are made with both graphite and steel. Multi-material shafts are applicable for both drivers and irons.

Typically speaking, the shaft consists of a steel body with a graphite tip. The former section offers stability. And that, in turn, allows you to control your ball flight. As for the graphite tip, it makes way for limiting the whip that goes into the golf ball. Thus, creating more distance.

A graphite tip is also very useful for preventing unwanted vibrations. And that implies optimizing the feel of your every shot.

Titanium Shafts

Yet another recent addition, titanium is lighter in weight in comparison to steel. The best part about titanium shafts is that they dampen vibrations. But the major drawback is that they create an unwanted stiff feel.

NanoFuse Shafts

These are metallic shafts, although not made of steel. Nor are they constructed using graphite. Rather NanoFuse shafts are rooted firmly in carbon fiber. These types of golf shafts are created as a result of blending carbon fiber composite polymer and nanocrystalline alloy.

Such a construction equips the shaft with steel consistency. And the graphite feel and distance. With zero setbacks that too. All thanks to the tight, small NanoFuse material grain structure. It drastically increases strength. So much so that the shaft weight is reduced for boosting distance. Without compromising strength, which contributes to an improvement in accuracy.

Shaft Technology

Shaft Torque

Image name: golf-shaft-torque

It’s the twisting motion of the golf shaft during the swing movement. The unit of torque is degrees. The higher the degree i.e. torque, the greater the shaft twisting. With more torque, the shaft’s feel becomes softer. So a 3-degree is stiffer than a shaft with a torque of 5 degrees.

Steel shafts are comparatively stiffer than graphite. Also, lower torque levels offer lower trajectories.

Shaft Flex

Image name: golf-shaft-flex

This technology impacts direction and distance. Shaft flex means how much the shaft bends during your swing movement. No doubt, faster swing speeds demand a less flexible shaft. And those with slower swing speeds need greater flex.

So the options are Stiff, Extra Stiff, Regular, Firm, Amateur, Ladies, and Senior. With less bend, you get more control. You being a powerful swinger here. As for beginners or players with slower swing speed. You should choose a more flexible shaft.

Shaft Kick Point

Image name: golf-shaft-kick-point

It’s where the golf shaft bends, thus directly affecting your shot trajectory. A higher kick point equals a lower trajectory. And vice versa.

Shaft Tip – Tapered or Parallel

Image name: golf-shaft-tip

Shafts with a parallel tip consist of similar diameter as that of the distance upward from the tip. As for tapered, it reduces in diameter. Please note that tapered and parallel do not work in the same manner. There is a difference between them in terms of weight, and diameter of course.

Shafts with a tapered tip have a constant weight. And those with a parallel tip have a declining weight through the set.

The EndNote

Golfers who struggle with their swing speeds often go for the best graphite shafts for irons. Because, for them, distance is the most important thing. But these graphite shafts are also proving to be useful for longer hitters. One such exceptional option is the UST Recoil ZT9 Iron Shaft.

It’s a lightweight iron shaft, no doubt. That improves impact strength as well as feel. On top of that, the shaft consists of higher damping and lower torque. The former improves feel even on off-center hits. While the latter, as you might already know, refines shot dispersion.

Plus, it has a unique ION plating. That gives your golf club a premium visual appeal. And makes it look expensive.

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