Best Wedges for Beginners

The Best Wedges for Beginners That Are the Most Versatile (2020 Reviews)

Do you know what’s even worse than a bad round of golf? It’s not using the correct and best wedges for beginners. A bad golf wedge beats down all your techniques. And that can be really annoying for a beginner.

This article is here to correct that mistake. Even if you’re not playing golf as a profession. A weekend of golf can beat a whole week in the office, right? So you better play it correctly or else not play at all!

Wedges are more versatile than you think. They give you plenty of reason to chip, to play off-the-turf, around-the-greens, etc. And as a beginner, you need to optimize your performance to this extent. Only then will you be able to improve your golf game.

Reviews of the Best 5 Wedges for Beginners

Why do golfers give more importance to buying wedges than even drivers? Read more to find out.

Callaway Golf Men’s Matte Black Mack Daddy 4#5Carbon Steel48-64
Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s CBX Wedge#4Steel46-60
Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge#3Steel50-64
Pinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge#2Steel56-60
Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 Wedge S#1 – Editor’s ChoiceSteel58

#5 Callaway Golf Men’s Matte Black Mack Daddy 4 – Best design wedges for beginners

Callaway Golf Men's Matte Black Mack Daddy 4, Steel, Wedge Flex, Right Hand, S-Grind, 56.0 Degrees


Plenty of wedge options available.

The carbon steel and matte finish are spectacular.


The wedge performance lacks distance.

Less forgiveness and no cavity.

As beginners, you can’t think too little of the ‘feel’ of the shot. This is an important criterion for curving on the green. The Callaway Black Mack Daddy 4 is going to help you. It sets a new and improved benchmark for the best wedges for beginners.

Even for an average golfer who plays only during the weekends, this is great. The construction is rugged and manageable. It halts a ball even on concrete. It’s not prone to dipping and has plenty of weight distribution.

The sole grinds are versatile which means it accommodates most course conditions. Be it rough, sandy, green, or fairway. The carbon steel impact and matte durability are impressive.

This would make a nice addition to your golf cart. It’s remarkable, stable, and durable. For a beginner, it’s exactly the kind of wedge you would expect.

#4 Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s CBX Wedge – Best off-the-turf wedges for beginners

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's CBX Wedge 60 Degree Steel, Right Hand


It provides plenty of spins.

It offers great control and is super forgiving.


Limited loft and shaft availability.

The Cleveland CBX Wedge has a great feel and game. It’s easy to hit since it’s carbon steel. It gives more confidence than other entry-level wedges for beginners. In that, they provide the perfect opportunity to hit a perfect strike. Possibly even up your distance, if you have it in you.

Cleveland Golf products are the most beginner-friendly choice. Especially their wedges which are lightweight and sturdy. It’s great for the green, as they say! The cavity back design and free balancing technology are proof of that.

It has far superior performance in chipping and shooting on the green. So it should come as no surprise to you that it’s very consistent.

It even gets you ready for different shots. As a beginner, you’re always looking at different markers to improve your game. So with a wedge like this one, you won’t ever fall short.

#3 Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge – Best durable wedges for beginners

Wilson Sporting Goods Harmonized Golf Sand Wedge, Right Hand, Steel, Wedge, 56-degrees


Simple, user-friendly, and easy to use.

The flex is on point.

The clubhead has better weight distribution.


The grooves are quite shallow.

Some may find the grip too narrow.

Just take a second and look at the Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge. It is a high-polished and sturdy wedge. With a classic blade design to impress all types of golfers. This improved yet classic shape stirs up quite a performance.

These best wedges for beginners are innovative, in-form, and strong. You can choose your ideal loft and shaft. It even gives you flexibility in the bounce department. Not only is this golf wedge ideal for beginners. It’s also perfect for professionals.

Well, it’s never simple to go back to basics as a golf professional. But sometimes, you need to walk through the basics again to refresh your memory. That’s why you need a stable and reliable golf wedge like this Wilson Harmonized Wedge.

It makes perfect contact with the ball. It even features a slight bounce and lift of the ball. This is not great if you want distance but the lift is for shorter games.

Nothing about this wedge feels lacking, I can tell you that. The True Temper steel shafts add to Wilson’s charm and skill. The anti-glare black finish and polished steel make it all look simply irresistible.

#2 Pinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge–Best training wedges for beginners

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge, Right Hand, Steel, Regular, 56-Degree


Light but the big-sized club head is perfect.

Stable, performance-driven, and forgiving.


The build quality isn’t all that rugged.

No loft angles which makes it limited.

The Pinemeadow PGX Wedge comes at a super affordable price. It has a forgiving feel and firm shape. The clubhead is a little lighter than a standard beginner wedge. But it makes such a good practice for beginners.

Since it’s more lightweight, it can go really far. Perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on their golf gear. This wedge lets you perform your best without giving too much away.

Golfers need a practice buddy. Something that supports your play right from the start. Something that directs you in the right posture and is always on the grip. I’m thinking the Pinemeadow PGX Wedge fits this role perfectly.

Even though it has no impressive features to boast about. It’s quite simply a solid competitor as the best wedges for beginners. What do you think?

#1 Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 Wedge S – Editor’s Choice

Cleveland Golf Men's Smart Sole 3.0 Golf Wedge, Right Hand, 58 Degree, Steel


Best off-the-fairway performance.

Improved and optimized features for full shots.

Great feel and grip on the shaft.


It doesn’t spin as much.

Not ideal for chipping.

Do you want more support around the green? The Cleveland Smart Sole 3 helps you power through a good play. It’s consistent, sturdy, and dependable in design. The best wedged for beginners and high-handicappers.

The 3-tiered sole and free-balancing technology do most of the work. From round one, you’ll notice a huge difference in your form and technique. The core of this wedge is in the middle rather than the edges. This makes the overall performance more forgiving.

What’s more? There’s better contact between the wedge on the green. You know what this means, don’t you? Fewer strokes and better accuracy in every shot. Even though there’s only a single loft choice, it’s not so bad.

The 58-degrees loft is great because it offers better swing. You can lift and take a shot rather than stay sunk down on the sand. Getting out of the bunker is a victory but it’s a real game-changer!

Best Wedges for Beginners – Buying Guide


Here’s one bad piece of advice you should avoid when playing golf. You just need one wedge to get through. Is that right? Well, that’s utter rubbish.

On average, beginners have at least 3 wedges. While a professional player has 3-5 wedges. Beginners and high-handicappers need the best wedges. Wedges improve games everywhere. In the sand, off the turf, for pitching, for chipping – YOU NAME IT!

Novices tend to improvise on their stance a lot. This compels them to try new tricks and optimize their performance. Without a wedge, you’d be lost and have more than half of the flexibility. Wedges are quite versatile with their multiple loft angles and shafts.

And for a beginner, there’s nothing better than a reinforced and lightweight wedge. Something that works with different swing techniques, is forgiving and offers bounce.

This brings me to the next part of the article.

Factors of Consideration


Is it only a popular brand that makes a good wedge for beginners? Brands like Cleveland, Callaway, Wilson, etc. are all up for grabs. They’re all good, dependable, and tour-driven. So what is it?

You can’t make a purchase just by looking at the brand alone. In an ideal world, this would have been enough. But it’s not. You’d be dodging a bullet if you look at the following features instead.

They’re the best features of the best wedges for beginners.

#1 Bounce


The bounce refers to the ‘bounce angle’ of the wedge. The best wedges for beginners are designed to cut through the sand. This means they’re quicker than most. The bounce angle varies according to design.

It’s the space between the bottom edge of the sole and the back-side edge of the clubhead. Though the space seems really tiny, it makes a huge impact on your performance.

How the golf ball contacts the wedge, how it lifts off the sand, etc. These factors are determined by the bounce angle of the wedge. And that’s what you need to know about the best wedges for beginners.

My best recommendation for beginners would be to mix it. Rather than focusing all your attention on finding that one best loft angle. You can use multiple wedges to get a feel of how the wedge hits the ball on different surfaces.

#2 Shaft

A wedge is basically an iron that aids your short shot. The right shaft is the stiffness or flexibility of the iron. It begins from senior flex shaft down to an extra-stiff shaft. Here’s the breakdown for each level of the shaft.

The best way to determine the shaft of a wedge is by distance. In simpler terms, answer this question. What is your swing speed?

If it’s between 180 to 200 yards, go for senior flex.

If it’s 200 to 240 yards, go for regular flex.

If it’s 240 to275 yards, go for stiff flex.

If it’ goes above 275 yards, go for an extra-stiff shaft. This is what Tour golf players prefer.

#3 Loft


The loft angle of a wedge is similar to the bounce. It’s the angle or “curve” of the clubhead. If it’s a high loft angle, it has a higher lift and launch. While some wedged give you options in loft starting from 48 to 58 degrees. There are common loft angles for beginners.

#4 Back Design


Golfers can choose between a cavity-back design and blades. Cavity-back wedges offer a higher launch and are more forgiving. Blades, on the other hand, are more durable and controllable.

High handicappers benefit more from cavity-back wedges. Low handicappers and tour performers use blades. Blades are made up of carbon steel and chrome plating. They look more muscular at the back of wedges than cavity-back.

How Many Wedges Do Beginners Need?

One of the biggest golf mistakes you can make is buying only one wedge. The standard limit of wedges in a tournament is around 14. But beginners can carry their ideal amount. What suits their game and helps them enhance their skills.

There are 4 different types of wedges. Pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge.

Pitching wedges are very common and readily available everywhere. If you’re planning on buying a wedge set, there will be a pitching wedge in it.

Gap wedges must meet the model of the club you’re currently using. If it’s not similar, it could ruin your game. You can launch better, go the distance, and remain consistent in your practice.

Sand wedges are most important because they’re the only ones that work on sand. For better lift and bounce, you need a sand wedge. It’s so good, in fact, that a lot of golfers use it for pitching and chipping.

Lastly, lob wedges are for the novice. It’s not the ideal choice for beginners and high handicappers. Advanced techniques are better managed with a lob wedge. Where a pitching or sand wedge would miss the boat, that’s where the job of a lob wedge carries off.


As you can see, finding the best wedges for beginners is not impossible. If you’re buying wedges for the first time, instead of looking at price, this time look for quality. You wouldn’t be grasping at straws because you need the best wedges for beginners.

If you can’t wait to buy one immediately, go for the Cleveland Smart Sole 3 Wedge S. It may be your last resort but it’s a great one. Cleveland knows all the works when it comes to making an innovative wedge.

The Smart Sole 3 is challenging and optimized. It has better weight distribution which contributes to better forgiveness on the green. A higher launch, better bounce, and zero obstruction. You won’t regret buying it for even a second!


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