Blade vs Mallet Putters

Blade vs Mallet Putters Review (What is The Best Putter?)

It doesn’t have to be that difficult to choose between blade vs mallet putters. At least not when you have this detailed article on the best putter to improve your golf game. There are plenty of things to take into consideration when thinking of a putter.

And the one significant aspect of a putter is its head. Blade and mallet putter heads are 2 to watch out for. They’re distinct in their unique ways, favorable to most people, and sturdy to handle. But are both as effective as each other? Even so, what skill level do they appeal to?

The topic of blade vs mallet putters is more relevant now than ever. If you want to improve your golf game adequately without leaving any stone unturned. Read what follows next.

What is Putter?


Finding the perfect putter is not that difficult. You need to consider its head style, length, and weight balance.

Though the head style is responsible for weight distribution. The length of the putter alters the setup, positioning, and stroke path of the ball. Blade vs mallet putters come with a different weight. Mallet putters are characterized by a large clubhead. This makes them heavier than the blade.

The stroke, distance, and speed and precision are affected by the weight. But, in the majority of cases, between blade vs mallet putters, you want an individual style. So figuring out what matters to your golf game the most. And planning ahead on a custom-fit is ideal. 

Blade Putters


I want to start with the simpler choice between mallet vs blade putters. Blade putters have a basic design. Having a traditional design, it’s always the first choice among most golfers. The clubhead is straight, narrow, and accurate.

As things go, blade putters also make good mini-golf putters. They’re the standard golf issue for mini-golfers. Due to a blade putter’s simple, effective, and narrow form. And that does a lot more than you think.

However, don’t consider blade putters to be only entry-level in technology. Blade putters are advanced and possess much ability. Blade putters are one of the top choices in most PGA Tour pros. You can pick from a variety of blade putters with customizations.

Such as weight distribution, inserts or no-inserts, face-type, and loft. And what are blade putters best-suited for? Players who have an edge with an arc stroke. This is the weight distribution in a blade putter is between its heel and toe.

Contrary to mallet putters, blade putters have a heavy toe and not clubhead. The main focus is where the shaft connects to the clubhead. And that is either in the middle of the blade. Or it is located at the heel of the blade.

Either way, this makes the weight distribution more balanced. That caters to players who are more skilled at an arc stroke.

The Best Blade Putter to Buy – Wilson Men’s Augusta Golf Putter

Wilson Men's Augusta Golf Putter


This putter sits well on all types of players. Be it a leftie, rightie, entry-level, intermediate, or proficient. You want your blade putter to have a good grip, style, and swing. And the Wilson’s offers exactly that.

It has all the features of a blade putter. And it’s more tailored for outdoor performance. With its weather grip, steel shaft, brass head. It looks just as good as it performs. What more do you want in your blade putter?

Mallet Putters


If blade putters are versatile. Mallet putters are even more so with their variations and extension clubheads. Blade vs mallet putters share the same form of the clubhead. However, the significant difference between the two is the size. That’s right. Mallet putters have a larger clubhead.

Mallet putters are varied in terms of the shape of its clubhead. The two most common shapes for a mallet putter is half-circle or a square back. But there are plenty more where those came from.

Even though the significant weight of a mallet putter is in its clubhead. The large clubhead helps manage and balance the heavyweight putter. Shifting to other integral parts of the putter which aids not only stroke but distance.

This is the reason why you get a different stroke feeling when using a mallet putter. As compared to the blade putter which has a lighter feel.

The heavyweight eliminates all sorts of problems or kicks. Such as torquing, bouncing, skidding, or twisting of the ball. Helping you aim accurately, maintain the weight of the ball as and after you hit, and a better stroke.

You know what this means, don’t you? You can finally make headway through taller grass with a mallet putter. The heavy body and significant weight distribution allow you to do so.

The best mallet putter to buy – Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

Available in right- and left-handed drive. The Odyssey is a classy and phenomenal choice. You will have played with many mallet putters in your life. But none compare to the accuracy of an Odyssey White Hot Pro.

And for that reason and the fact that it’s easy to keep square. The Odyssey is the best mallet putter on the market. This putter keeps a long sight in line. It helps you correct your struggle with aiming. And the clubface has a more balanced feel. That improves coordination between you, your technique, and the outcome.

Blade vs Mallet Putters – Differences


Now that you’ve learned a bit about both types of putter heads. It’s time to weigh one against the other. And ask the final and deciding question. Which putter is ideal for your game?

Only you can select the best putter for you. Based on your individual style, stroke, and intentions. Here’s what you need to consider (about yourself first) when looking for blade vs mallet putters.

#1 Putting motion

Do you hit straight-back or straight-thru or an arced stroke? I have found that for the straight-thru putters, a mallet putter is more defined. And the weight of the bade putter is more in keeping with an arc stroke putter.

But what does all this boil down to? Of course, the weight and design of the putter. Blade putters offer more movement after a stroke. The heaviness of a mallet putter disallows such as technology and performance. You will find that mallet putters are more weighted than flexible.

Owing to the fact that blade putters are toe-weighted. During a backstroke or a forward stroke, they’re more agile. But not in a bad way. The clubface just rotates more which could aid performance. While mallet putters do no such thing.

#2 Size

This has mainly to do with personal preference. What you’re comfortable with playing. A mallet putter is larger in the clubface. While a blade putter is more toe-weighted but it’s not especially large in size. It has a straight and narrow form.

The differentiation between size is an important one. Mallet clubheads allow more room which helps in aiming or maintaining a long sightline. You can’t say the same about a blade putter.

However, in reverse, with a blade putter, you’d appreciate a shorter sightline. So if that’s what you’re in for, avoid using a mallet putter. This brings us to a simple equation. Which do you prefer the most – putting motion or visibility or design?

Blade vs Mallet Putters – What’s the Deal?

I know what you’re thinking. Just give it to me straight, right? Lay down a bunch of reasons for why you need a blade putter. And I’d do the same for a mallet putter. Well, you guessed right. I’m going to do exactly that!

Why should you get a blade putter?

  • You want to practice an arc stroke.
  • You prefer a small shape ball on the turf.
  • You demand more control from the clubface.
  • You want a straight-back and straight-thru putting stroke. But with a slimmer clubface.
  • You want a lightweight feel of the putter.

Why should you get a mallet putter?

  • You want a better aim.
  • You want better and longer sightlines.
  • Your straight-back and straight-thru putting motion are dead on!
  • You want better control over the putter face. But without the twisting, skidding, or torquing.

The Verdict

Now, do you get a clear picture of what both putters are like? And how and where you fit in in this blade vs mallet putters debate. I don’t have to tell you which putter to buy. But what I can, and already did tell you, is what they can offer.

Both are not lacking in advanced technology, control, and stability. But if you still can’t decide, I do have an alternative for you. Enter: mid-mallet putters. It’s when you can’t choose between blade vs mallet putters. That only means you want the best of both of them.

This custom-fit mid-mallet putter is a classy choice. It’s for someone who wants to aim right. But doesn’t like the heavy feel of a mallet putter. A putter with impetus placed on both the toe, heel, and clubface.

It’s true that you could be more suited to one or the other. So now is the time to decide the best putter for your game.



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