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Top 15 Fun Golf Games (Every Golfer Needs to Know!)

I can bet that you’ve not heard of all these fun golf games! Whether you’re a pro or have just started. Playing golf is nothing short of extraordinary. Now more than ever because you can pick up the tab with your golf buddies.

Do you want to tackle your competitive edge while playing golf? Check out these incredibly fun golf games. Some of them can really help you render useful all your golf skills. While some games you just won’t get enough of.

Whether you’re playing the standard 6-hole shootout or are tired of stroke-play. These fun golf games will help you to keep a perfect golf score. And make it less boring playing it straight all the time.

Fun Golf Games – Top 15 List

#1 Nassau


Being one of the most popular and common golf games. The Nassau can be played solo or in a team. The game dictates you to place one of three bets. And you can put two against two in a team.

In this game, you tally up your team’s scores for every hole count. And the lowest winning score team wins the hole. And thus, wins the bet after getting two holes down for the perfect match.

Some think of the Nassau game as a side-betting preference. You can play either the front 9 holes, the back 9 holes, or both.

#2 Bingo Bango Bonga

You score the highest in this game, essentially though not surprisingly, you lose. In Bingo Bango Bonga, you have to score fewer points. There are three factors of consideration for this game. As you are scored based on these factors.

The first is the ability to touch the green. And who does it quicker. The second is the distance between you and the pin after everyone gets their balls on the green. The shorter the distance, the scores alter. And third is a score for anyone who gets a hole in first.

The points rank up to 54-points. And considering your skill level and tempo, you’d have to score the quickest.

#3 Cha-Cha-Cha

Well, it helps if you think of it as a dance. This 4-ball format game is fun and exciting. Best played in a team of 4 golfers. It counts a score for your 1st hole, then two scores on the 2nd hole, and three scores on the 3rd hole.

Then you go again to be able to tally up your score on the 4th hole. You keep on repeating this pattern where you just count your best ball and nothing else!

#4 Las Vegas


This fun golf game aims to score the highest. You need two players for each team. The scores are added after each hole. Starting with the player who scores the lowest followed by the next player.

If your partner scores a 4, and you a 6. Then the score is 46.

In the end, the difference between both team’s scores is the differential. The losing team has to pay the differential to the winning team.

#5 Chairman

If you’re the one with the lowest score after each hole. You’re the Chairman for the next hole. You can play the Chairman game with one or two golfers. The Chairman (if that’s you) continues until yours isn’t the lowest net score.

The differential is to be paid by the player who scores the highest net score on most of the holes. That player gets both the bragging rights and the betting price!

#6 GolfSixes

Played by professional golfers in knockout tournaments. GolfSixes is not a quick game like the rest of them. It’s set over 2 days and requires a higher team count. This means you need at least 16 players to play this game.

So you have 4 players in each team. And a single match contains 6 holes each. Your team gets 3 points if you win. And 1 point for each team between the teams that draw.

In the end, comes the elimination round. The top 2 winning teams move on to the knockout stages. If a draw between teams persists, a play-off is the only way to kick the tie in the bud!

#7 Snake

Snake is a famous putting golf game. The only aim for any player playing this game is to not catch the snake. You’ve got the snake if you do 3 consecutive putts. The points that keep on increasing after three-putts are then added and paid by the one with the snake.

You’ve got to be careful how you place your bets in this game. The pressure keeps mounting if multiple bets are going. What’s at stake is how aggressively you’re putting against the line.

#8 Stringball


Another famous golf game, Stringball is true to its name. You’re given a string measuring a foot’s length. It’s a foot per handicap shot. As you move the ball toward the hole, you have to cut out a piece of a string measuring that distance.

A good trick to win the game is to side-step the penalty stroke. This means to get the ball out of bounds.

#9 Rabbit

The aim of this game is to score the lowest score on each hole. Not just that, you have to be the first player to do so. By doing so, you capture the rabbit. If you’re not the first player in the second round, the rabbit goes to the player that is.

#10 Lone Ranger

You play the Lone Ranger in a group of 4. You’re handed a yellow ball that you have to play out for each hole. Once you’re done, the yellow ball goes to the second player to play for the second hole.

The total score of the yellow ball is tallied to the lowest scorer of the other team. This makes up a team’s final score.

#11 Skins

You can make a lot with the Skins golf game. It sets the perfect foundation and format for a skilled player. You set the bet before beginning the game. And each player has to compete based on that price for each hole.

In skins, there’s no total score after completing most holes. This eliminates the risk of a draw or a tie or halves. But even if it is a tie between the players, you can proceed to carry the price to the next hole. This way, it’s twice the value it was before.

#12 Wolf

Unlike some of the golf games mentioned, in Wolf, you’ve got to score high points. But this isn’t a solo game. You need 4 players to play independently. Between the four of you, you have to aim to score the highest.

Does that make you the wolf? Well, no. You’re the wolf if you’re the last player to tee off. This order keeps going back and forth between the 4 players. And whoever turns up the wolf has to pick another play as the “lone wolf” or gets to play it by herself or himself.

The best score on each hole is used as the final call for each team. If you’re playing solo, you get 4 points. If you and your partner win, you get 2 points each. If somebody beats the lone wolf, the rest of the players get a point each.

#13 Acey Ducey


Acey Ducey aims to avoid being the Deuce. You’ve got to ace it instead. Each team or round needs 4 players. To be the ace, you’ve got to have the lowest score. So you get 2 points off of each player. And if you’re the deuce, you lose a point each of each player.

In the end, if you’re the one with the most scores, you’re the ace! And if it’s a tie, you can carry it forward to another hole.

#14 Foursomes

This is by far the easiest and most interesting golf game. Beginners play this game more often than pros. You can play it as a stroke or a proper match game.

You need 2 players each in 2 teams. Team A tees off at all odd-numbered holes. While Team B tees off at all even-numbered holes. You keep alternating the shots under the main ball is in the hole.

#15 Murphys

You get points for the kind of shot you take. It goes something like this.

– Minus 3 points – Double bogey
– Minus 1 point – Bogey
– 0 points – On par
– Plus 2 – Birdie
– Plus 5 – Eagle
– Plus 8 – Albatross  

The one with the highest scores by the end of the final round wins.

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Final Thoughts

So, what’s your ideal golf game? There’s no universal best golf game. You get to select from a handful of fun golf games. Based on where your interests lie and what your game is. Are your skills more suited to the Skin games? Or do you want to be a Wolf or a Chairman?

Golf is interesting enough as it is. But one can make it challenging too with the help of fun golf games. It doesn’t have to be frustrating or complicated. And it doesn’t always have to be in a group. Some of these games you can alone or against 2 players.

It’s a great way to interact, bond, and share experiences. Every golfer has a golf buddy. And this is a great place to start!

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